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   Chapter 2430 The Headquarters Of The Divine Snake Gang

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"Sir, what is the combat effectiveness of the Supreme Holy Body at the Major Achievement Stage?"

Austin asked expectantly.

"The Supreme Holy Body at the Major Achievement Stage can suppress ordinary warriors at the premium stage of Immortal Realm in combat.

In terms of defense, even people at the Immortal King Realm won't be able to defeat you in a short time,"

Elroy replied.

His experiences enabled him to know exactly how powerful the Supreme Holy Body was.


Austin was pleased to hear this.

It meant that with the Supreme Holy Body at the Major Achievement Stage, he could deal with or even kill masters at the Immortal Realm in the future.

Even if he encountered a master at the Immortal King Realm, he wouldn't be killed immediately.

Moreover, this was just with Austin's own strength. With the demonic avatar, his comprehensive combat power would naturally be more powerful.

And if he could get some essence from the supreme holy tree and improve the Supreme Holy Body, his power would increase even more!

Therefore, Austin felt that he had had a good harvest on his journey to Tycoon World.

Not only had he obtained three powerful warships, but he had also refined his body into the Supreme Holy Body. Now, he would be able to fight stronger opponents.

"Ha-ha! Austin, there's only one thing left, which is the Tycoon Superior Skill.

I will put it into your Soul Sea right now.

But I find that you have practiced too many secret skills, and each of which is very powerful.

Sheer quantity alone is not necessarily a good thing.

Your greatest weakness now is that your vital energy realm is too low.

If you keep being distracted and practice too many secret cultivation methods, I am sure that the breakthrough of your vital energy realm will be very slow,"

Elroy said to Austin.

He could clearly see and analyze Austin's cultivation condition with just one glance.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he transferred a cultivation method into Austin's Soul Sea.

As a sect ancestor, Elroy's suggestion was accurate as well as precious.

"Thank you for the reminder,"

Austin said gratefully.

In fact, Austin had already realized this point and wanted to spend more time focusing on improvin

ave you guys come here?

Do you think we are weak to bully?

Besides, our leader is cultivating in seclusion and he is determined to stay outside any affairs of this world,"

said the old man in black.

"No enmity?

Just a while ago, two members of your Divine Snake Gang colluded with Johnny and sent people to attack the city of the Tang Clan. You killed many of our members!

We have serious enmity against you!"

Kelsey sneered.

"But it was all done by Johnny. He set us up!

What he did has nothing to do with our sect!"

the old man protested.


Stop pretending.

Bring Bennet and everyone in your Divine Snake Gang out! Today is the day you die.

Whatever you say, the Divine Snake Gang will perish today!"

Kelsey burst into laughter.

Then, waving his hand, he ordered, "Attack!"

A dozen warships lined up and aimed at the center of the city.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Cannons burst out in succession like firecrackers. Violent energy light pillars tore up space and shot toward the city.

"You are going too far, Kelsey!"

A fierce roar resounded in the depths of the city, shaking the whole city.

Then, a figure rushed out.

It was none other than Bennet, the leader of the Divine Snake Gang.

"Ha-ha, Bennet, I thought you would continue to hide like a coward you are!"

Kelsey mocked, continuing to laugh.

With the sight of Bennet, Austin's eyes flashed like lightning.

"You hurt me, and you have to pay the price,"

he said with a sneer.

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