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   Chapter 2429 The Successful Refinement Of The Supreme Holy Body

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The next day, Austin had a good rest in a luxurious room inside the headquarters of the Tang Clan. He woke up and quickly adjusted and prepared his body and mind.

Elroy quietly left the headquarters and set out to help Austin look for several very valuable natural resources.

Elroy was a big shot and was at the level of the sect ancestor. Whatever resources that he was looking for must be of great value considering his current status and experience.

It was not until two days later that he returned with a large number of rare treasures from heaven and earth.

After returning to the headquarters, he spent another day in seclusion. During his seclusion, he had refined a dozen pills. Then he went to Austin.

"Well, Austin, let's get started,"

Elroy said as he entered Austin's secret chamber.

"Okay! Thank you, sir!"

Austin was overjoyed to see and hear Elroy's approach.

The Supreme Holy Body was said to be one of the most powerful of all the holy bodies. After it was refined, it had an astonishing power whether it was used in defense or attack.

However, it was not easy to refine the Supreme Holy Body.

Even with the use of supreme holy fruits, Austin had to use the right method of refining, and then hope for some positive luck.

Otherwise, if something went wrong even in the slightest, he could easily explode and die in the process of refining the Supreme Holy Body.

However, Austin had great confidence in the help of Elroy of the Tang Clan.

"Remember, you have to take two supreme holy fruits; one black and one white; at the same time.

If you only take one of them, you will surely be injured."

The tone of his voice was a little serious but instructive nonetheless.

"Take a pill that I refined for you immediately after taking those two supreme holy fruits. Remember, one black and one white, and then the pill.

I will then control the potency of the fruits to improve your body.

All you need to do is to relax and focus on keeping your mind clear.

Remember that you are going to suffer a lot in the process of refining the Supreme Holy Body. Your body will be destroyed first, and then it will be recreated. That's inevitable."

From his careful exhortation, Austin could tell that Elroy had attached great importance to this process.

"Okay, I understand. And thanks for the advice."

Austin felt very grateful to the old man in front of him.

"You can start now,"

said Elroy in a calm tone of voice. He stared at Austin as he waited for him to begin.

Austin nodded and took out a black and a white supreme holy

At the same time, there was also a bright immortal light that glowed from the inside to the outside that reflected on each other!

It made him look so holy!

"It seems that I have made it through."

At that moment, Austin suddenly opened his eyes. A pair of awe-striking and appalling eyes seemed to be carved out of crystal jade.

Austin clenched his fists and a powerful force that shocked even himself came out of his body. A violent power flew out from his heart, like a hammer that tore the air apart.

He was now a terrifying presence to behold!

"Ha-ha-ha! Austin, Congratulations! You have successfully refined your Supreme Holy Body.

Although it is not a perfect state yet, still it is at the Major Achievement Stage now,"

Elroy said with a smile while he looked at Austin.

"Oh, it's not perfect yet?"

Austin was stunned by what he heard.

"That's right.

Using only supreme holy fruits, you have not been able to turn the Supreme Holy Body into the perfect state yet.

To achieve that, you must get the essence of the supreme holy tree and then refine it.

The essence of the supreme holy tree is priceless and it is so rare that it is almost impossible to come by.

But still, it's great that you have refined the Supreme Holy Body to the Major Achievement Stage,"

Elroy explained patiently to Austin.

Austin was overjoyed when he heard Elroy's explanation.

Although the essence of the supreme holy tree was hard to come by, there was still a chance that Austin could get it.

After all, the precious supreme holy tree was right within his Omnipotent Pot.

Austin decided that once he had the time, he would go to the supreme holy tree and try to get some of its essence.

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