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   Chapter 2428 Getting Warships

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In the depths of the Tang Clan's headquarters was a special space surrounded by profound arrays that rendered it invisible to the naked eye.

This space was lined with large ships that hovered gently in the air.

Each of these ships was enveloped by a colorful beam of light that acted as a protective barrier.

Kelsey's grandfather, Elroy, had specially brought Austin to this place.

"Austin, look! These are the top warships of our clan.

Each warship cost us a lot of precious resources to build. We hired only the best masters to make them, and they put a lot of time and energy into perfecting each ship.

So every one of these warships is priceless," Elroy explained, pointing at the warships in the air.

Sensing the enormous vital energy force coming from each warship, Austin was astonished.

In fact, he was afraid to even approach them.

He felt like he would be crushed to pieces if he went near them.

Even an immortal king would be less scary than one of these warships, which had power beyond what he could imagine.

Turning to Austin, Elroy continued, "Austin, each of these warships is an important asset of our clan.

We don't usually give them to other people.

But this time, I'll make an exception. Since you gave us an omnipotent internal core, I'll give you three of our warships in return.

What do you think?"

Before Austin could say a word, another voice rang out.

"Sir, these warships are important treasures of our clan. We can't give them to outsiders.

Please rethink your decision!"

The figure of an old man in grey clothes materialized in front of them.

He was so old that he couldn't even stand straight. However, his eyes were sharp and blazing with determination.

Elroy didn't even bat an eye when he saw this old man appear out of nowhere.

"Uncle Buzz, it is thanks to Austin that my son and I could recover.

Our clan owes him a lot.

I don't see why we can't gift him three warships."

'Uncle Buzz?

Elroy is

new that these three warships were the top ships of the Tang Clan and that each one of them was priceless.

With these ships, he would be able to better guard the Immortal End World.

"All right, Austin. In the following days, I will personally guide you in building a Supreme Holy Body.

The supreme holy fruit is strong and violent. If you don't consume it the right way, your body will explode.

So, I have to go out and look for some natural resources that I can use to neutralize the supreme holy fruit. After that, you can consume those supreme holy fruits.

In the meantime, have a good rest and make yourself at home. We will start when I come back,"

Elroy said to Austin after seeing the latter put the warships away.

When Austin had made a deal with Kelsey, one of his demands had been for Elroy to help him build a Supreme Holy Body with the supreme holy fruits.

"Thank you, sir,"

Austin replied immediately, full of gratitude.

The truth was, now that Elroy had regained his cultivation base as a sect ancestor, Austin was no match for him. If Elroy chose to back out of the deal, there was nothing Austin would be able to do about it.

However, Elroy didn't. He was really going to help Austin refine the Supreme Holy Body as Kelsey had promised Austin.

So, Austin felt lucky and grateful.

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