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   Chapter 2427 The New Chief Of Tang Clan

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7172

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The Violet Golden Warship flew in the sky, hiding in plain sight.

Everywhere in the Tycoon World, there were groups of people looking for Kelsey, his sister, and the other members of the Tang Clan who supported their grandfather.

Out of the many warships that Kelsey and his men had gotten onto to flee the city, at least a dozen had been caught immediately and smashed to pieces.

As time went on, more and more of the warships were spotted, and the people aboard them were either arrested or killed.

All in all, Kelsey lost a lot of men.

He sent two of his people to take stock of the situation.

When he and Elsie learned just how many of his people had lost their lives or gotten arrested, they became upset and angry.

The following day, Austin stayed in a secret room on the ship to heal himself.

In the battle against Bennet, he had gotten badly injured.

Fortunately, Austin had a strong body and amazing healing abilities.

After an entire day of consuming medicine and working on his injuries, he managed to recover fully.

Then, he went into the Slave Tower to see the little infinity beast.

These days, the beast had been spending all its time in the tower, so he had asked Brady to keep an eye on it.

As Austin had expected, the little infinity beast had completely recovered from its injuries and was feeling much better.

In fact, as soon as it set eyes on Austin, it dashed forward and jumped onto his shoulder, bouncing happily.

Austin had been carrying this beast around since before it had even hatched, so over the years, it had grown attached to him.

It saw Austin as its family.

"Master, the little infinity beast seems to be practicing some formula recently, and its strength is growing slowly,"

Brady reported.

"Is that so?"

Austin was stunned.

He looked down at the little infinity beast and directly asked it about what it was doing lately.

The little infinity beast quickly explained that the old omnipotent herb from the Ancient Forbidden Land had not only healed it, but also given it a formula.

This formula was something that the herb had obtained from an ad

ary, they would try their best to butter him up.

After all, the Tang Clan was a giant in the Tycoon World. It had existed for a long time.

Naturally, the chief of the Tang Clan was considered one of the most powerful people in the Tycoon World.

Therefore, after Elroy became the chief of the Tang Clan again, all the sects in the Tycoon World sent their people to congratulate him.

The headquarters of the Tang Clan was soon filled with guests who had come to congratulate the new chief.

Elroy became a celebrity again.

All the members of the Tang Clan knew that Wheeler's reign was over, so they quickly made up their mind to support Elroy.

And since he used to be the chief of the Tang Clan before, there was no resistance to his leadership.

In the headquarters of the Tang Clan, Kelsey and his sister soon found themselves surrounded by leaders of different sects who were trying to suck up to them.

During this whole time, Kelsey let Austin stay with him and treated him as a friend.

As a result, all the guests were kind to Austin as well.

They all complimented him, hailing him as a young hero.

The change in their attitude made Austin think a lot.

When he had just arrived in the Tycoon World, he had been chased by a group of cultivators and even had to hide from them like a criminal.

But now, things were totally different.

No one in the Tycoon World dared to provoke Austin.

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