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   Chapter 2426 Fled

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"Die!" Bennet roared as he charged at Austin.

His terrible power, the power of a warrior at the Immortal King Realm, exploded outward, causing the earth to collapse. All the buildings nearby were blown up, and bricks and stones flew into the sky.

The enormous head of a python shot toward Austin with overwhelming momentum.

Although Austin was trying his best to retreat, he didn't know if he could; Bennet was in a state of madness without any reservations. It could be extremely terrifying when a master of the Immortal King Realm went all out.

Besides, Austin's bodily movement skill was also slower than Bennet's.

With a wave of his hand, Austin sent his Pot of Chaos forward. The pot rapidly grew and blocked Bennet's attack.

At the same time, his demonic avatar charged, holding the Diabolic Killing Needle in its hand. It released the tabooed magic, causing black runes to fly all over the sky.

"Humph! Do you really think a demonic avatar can neutralize my attack?"

Bennet sneered. A formidable vital energy force burst out of him, causing the space around them to shake violently.

He was so enraged that he was unleashing all his powerful secret skills to attack Austin.

In just a few moments, Austin was heavily injured and knocked down to the side.

Blood spurted out of his mouth when he tried to move.

Suddenly, he heard a message transmitted to his Soul Sea through the spiritual sense. "Austin, get on the warship!"

The very next moment, the ground near him exploded and dozens of warships appeared.

Kelsey and his people rushed to those warships one after another.

"Stop them! Kill them all!"

Johnny shouted coldly, hovering high in the sky with his hands clasped behind his back. However, he did not join the fierce battle.

Instead, he watched patiently from the sidelines under the protection of an elder in black.

The bloody battle continued.

Kelsey and his people tried their best to kill all the enemies standing in their way before embarking on the warships.


A Violet Golden Warship came to Austin.

"Austin, get onboard!"

Kelsey's voice once again echoed in Austin's Soul Sea.

At this time, Austin's body was covered in wounds and his clothes were soaked with blood. He hadn't been able to escape most of Bennet's viol


"You're right. But I can finish you off anyway,"

Kelsey's grandfather roared. He rushed over and punched the huge golden hand.


The Violet Golden Warship took this opportunity to escape and sail in the opposite direction.

"This is a trace of my grandpa's spiritual sense that he gave to me back when he was still the strongest and most powerful person in Tycoon World. It was sealed on the ship so that it could appear and protect me when necessary,"

Kelsey said to Austin.

Austin finally understood what was happening.

The Violet Golden Warship kept traveling at full speed. Half a day later, it was more than a hundred thousand miles away.

"Austin, you can relax now. We are out of danger.

Let's find a secret place to wait while my grandfather and my father refine the Condensed Omnipotent Pill to get their power back.

Once they do that, we'll never have to be afraid of those bastards again,"

Kelsey said.

"What cultivation base did your grandfather master?"

Austin asked curiously. Although he had guessed by now that Kelsey's grandfather was strong, he didn't know exactly how strong he was.

"My grandfather was one of the sect ancestors of Tycoon World before he lost his cultivation base.

Back then, he was respected as one of the top 5 masters in terms of fighting skills,"

Kelsey explained.


Even though Austin had guessed right, he was still shocked by what he heard.

Sect ancestors were the wisest, strongest, and most powerful masters in the universe.

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