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   Chapter 2425 Resisting Invaders

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Bennet was as strong and powerful as an immortal king.

With Austin's current strength and trump cards, he could easily take out cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm or fight cultivators at the Immortal Realm.

However, he was no match for masters at the Immortal King Realm.

"Go to hell!"

From a distance, Bennet released a powerful punch and directed it towards Austin.

A huge python came out of his fist. The monstrous beast was covered with scales that glittered in the sunlight, and its main purpose was to attack Austin.

The void around the snake collapsed as it flew towards its target. Immense power radiated from every scale and marked Austin as its destination. It was an extraordinary attack from a master at the Immortal King Realm and the result could be terrifying.

Strong as he was, Austin's body almost exploded.

Austin knew the extent of his power and he chose not to fight head-on. He kept calm and quickly retreated. Slowly, he took some steps backwards and distanced himself from the python.


Inside the city, fierce fighting was going on everywhere. Loud battle cries and clanging of metals sounded from every corner as people took arms against each other.

Kelsey and his family members who were loyal to his father and grandfather had lived in this city for a long time. It was precious to them, and they planned to protect it from their enemies.

Now their homeland was under attack. They fought back bravely and defended the city.


A golden hand appeared from above the clouds and stretched out to hit the islands that floated above the city.

With a single blow, more than a dozen islands crumbled and were crushed into pieces by the golden hand. They turned into dust and scattered into the sky.

The golden hand was created by an invincible figure.

Austin guessed that the huge golden hand's real target was Kelsey's grandfather.

"Ha-ha! Austin, there is no escape for you. Just surrender!"

Bennet stared at Austin and laughed.

He raised his arm and waived his sleeve in the air, and soon numerous snakes appeared. They were long and deadly, their bodies covered with poisonous scales. The sky turned pitch-black as the snakes filled the sky above them. There were all kinds of snakes and they were of different colors and sizes.

Each one was as venomous as the other. Their bite was fatal to anyone who was bitten.

They looked hungry and each of them stuck out its tongue, tasting the fear in the air.

The multitudes of snakes drifted in the air, and slithered through clouds and hissed angrily.

In an ins

en crow.

High above the clouds, a sea of dazzling golden fire appeared. Countless golden crows flew out of the fire and released their feathers to attack the frozen people.


A tall Supreme Spiritual Pot rushed out of Austin's Soul Sea and attacked a dozen cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm nearby.

The demonic avatar turned into a beam of light and charged towards the invaders with the Diabolic Killing Needle in its hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin and his demonic avatar launched powerful attacks one after the other. The invaders became overwhelmed with fear and could not repel any of the attacks. It did not take long before the ground became covered with the mangled bodies of the enemies. Their bones exploded and scattered on the ground, swimming on a pool of blood.

Moments later, at least eight hundred invaders were killed.

Most of them were cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm or below.

Some were Immortal Realm cultivators.

Only the powerful masters at the Immortal King Realm were not affected and harmed by the attacks.

The scene took everyone by surprise.

'This guy's fighting power and capabilities is terrifying!'

Everyone stared at Austin and his demonic avatar in shock.

"How dare you! You son of a bitch!

Austin, you murdered so many of my men again!

You're dead meat!" Bennet shouted.

He was the first one to recover from the shock.

Most of the people Austin killed were members of the Divine Snake Gang.

They were all elite disciples of the Divine Snake Gang. He felt devastated knowing most of them died at the hands of Austin.

At this time, Kelsey came back to his senses and asked his crew to retreat through his spiritual sense.

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