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   Chapter 2424 Break Down The City Protecting Arrays

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"Activate the city protecting arrays!"

Kelsey snapped at the guards when he saw so many forces coming near the city.

Boom! An ear-splitting explosion resounded across the city.

All of a sudden, a lot of brilliant energy columns spurted from every corner of the city and were interwoven forming a protective array.

And then, layers upon layers of magic arrays were spread in the sky over the city, looking like lotuses blossoming in spring.

With the brilliant green light and the roar of beasts, countless unusual shapes appeared.

Each type of shape represented a powerful magic array.

"Don't worry, Austin. This city is equipped with eighteen magic arrays.

Every array was built by a very skillful array expert, who spent all his energy, time, skills and a lot of money on it. Each of them is very solid and powerful.

No matter how many of them come for you, they can't come in. They won't hurt you,"

Kelsey said reassuringly to Austin.

"Kelsey, I know you mean well, but something just doesn't feel right. I just feel that something is wrong.

How did these guys know that my name is Austin, and that I am from the Immortal End World?"

Austin's face darkened, frightening Kelsey.

"Ah, you are right. Things don't add up!"

Upon hearing Austin's words, Kelsey suddenly realized the truth.

As the group of people came near the city, they called Austin, who was from the Immortal End World, to get out and receive his punishment.

However, Austin followed Kelsey and his sister to the Tycoon World for the first time, and no one here knew him. The whole thing should have been a secret.

"It seems that besides you and your sister, there must be someone else from this world who also entered the Ancient Forbidden Land earlier.

And they must have also followed me when we came to the Tycoon World,"

Austin said.

"Brother, there's no need to guess. Here comes our answer.

Look, here comes Johnny! He must have sent someone to follow us secretly.

Humph, Johnny's grandfather is the current chief of our Tang Clan. His branch of the Tang Clan has always been guarding against us because we once came into power for a long time. They are always afraid that we will have a comeback."

Elsie pointed to a young man in a golden robe, who seemed very proud of himself.

"Well, that seems to be the case. We are right to suspect that we were followed."

Kelsey also nodded. He knew how sinister and cunning Johnny could be. Johnny would do anything to achieve his goal.

"Listen up, Austin from the Immortal End World, you wretched boy! I am the sect leader of the Divine Snake Gang, Bennet Qiu. You killed Elder Armie of my sect, and that is an unforgivable crime. Come out and receive your death sentence right now!"

shouted an old man in black who was standing among the line outside the city, as he took a step forward.

Suddenly, a strong sound wave formed lay

of them used their secret skills and the others used the magic treasures to attack the protecting arrays with all their might.

However, the eighteen city protecting arrays were very powerful.

They stopped all the attacks and showed no sign of any weakness.

"Humph! It is impossible for you guys to break down the city protecting arrays, Johnny!"

Kelsey said coldly in the city.


Do you think so?

It seems that you are very confident of these city protecting arrays.

But I am afraid you will be disappointed very soon."

Standing outside the city, Johnny gave a confident smile.

All of a sudden, a loud noise resounded in the sky.


The sky above the city was torn apart. A huge golden hand fell from the sky and landed towards the city.

It was so huge that it covered the entire city, while putting a tremendous pressure on the city.

"Oh no! It looks like a sect ancestor is also attacking us!

This is bad! The city protective arrays cannot withstand such an attack. We can't save the city!"

Austin felt a sudden tingle of fear as he sensed the great power of the golden hand falling from the sky onto the city.

Sure enough, the next moment, a series of cracks rang out.

Ping! Ping!

The city protecting arrays began to crack gradually and finally broke into pieces.

At present, the entire city had no defense at all.

"Ha ha! You now have access.

Go in and catch Austin!"

Johnny shouted with a wave of his hand.

In an instant, all the people outside rushed into the city.

"Charge! Fight them like hell!"

All the people in the city darted towards the enemy one by one.

In this situation, there was no other option but to fight to their death because either way, death was imminent.

"Ha ha! Wretched Austin! Since you have killed a member of the Divine Snake Gang, go to hell!"

The sect leader of the Divine Snake Gang, Bennet, stared at Austin and sneered.

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