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   Chapter 2422 Austin's Whereabouts Was Known

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"This is incredible!"

Both Kelsey and Elsie were shocked to see the entire scenery was engulfed in the clouds of blood mist.

They had underestimated the level of Austin's combat effectiveness.

"Well, Kelsey, I have killed these people from the Divine Snake Gang. Will it get you into trouble?"

Austin called the demonic avatar back into his body and asked Kelsey.

"Austin, don't worry. The Divine Snake Gang is just a third-class or maybe even a fourth-class sect in the Tycoon World. It's small and unworthy of our anxiety.

Killing an elder of theirs won't do me any harm.

I guess someone in my family supports Elder Armie. That was why he dared to be so unscrupulous.

Alas, the status of my grandfather's side of the family branch is getting lower and lower. Our family has been ostracized by other branches.

If our branch was as powerful as we used to be, the Divine Snake Gang wouldn't have the courage to offend me.

Okay, Austin, let's hurry back.

Or we may have to meet with more of such incidents,"

said Kelsey with a gentle pat on Austin's shoulders, like an old friend.

Austin nodded. The three of them moved forwards on their journey.

A moment later, a group of people came running towards them.

The middle-aged man taking the lead was Kelsey's uncle. He was at the Immortal Realm.

These were the reinforcements that Kelsey had mentioned earlier.

Half a day later, they finally set foot in Kelsey's house.

It was located deep in the valleys of the mountains. Nearly no one could be seen around there because the place was very remote. It was so quiet that it seemed like if one wasn't careful, others would be able to hear their thoughts.

Although the place was not chaotic like other cities, it most certainly looked like one.

The scenery around was great. Everything you could have imagined was already there. It was in a lot of ways like an independent small world.

Inside the city, there were mountains, seas and many magnificently tall buildings.

What was even more amazing was that there were many large islands floating in the air in the depths of the city. They were surrounded by twinkling lights and layers of ripples that the arrays spread.

Kelsey told Austin that every island was equipped with brilliant defense arrays.

"After my grandpa's branch was bullied in the Tycoon World, we came here and settled down. We built this city from scratch and now all of us live here,"

Kelsey added.

If just a branch could build such a large city, the Tang family must be extremely powerful in the Tycoon World.

While Austin was taking in the sights, a different scene was unfolding in a mansion of the

uldn't help but praise him. He admired Austin from the depths of his heart.

"What!?" the young man in golden robe was surprised to hear the news. It was not what he had expected at all.

The cheer disappeared from his face at once. He stood up from the chair and stared at Cedric. He seemed to be forming his next question carefully.

"Cedric, the guy who got the omnipotent herb was at the preliminary stage of Immortal Transforming Realm? And he had a demonic avatar. Are you absolutely sure?"

The young man in golden robe said slowly, not shifting his gaze from Cedric even for a split second.

"It's true. I saw it with my own eyes. Sir, what's wrong?"

Cedric asked as he saw the color fade from the young man's face.

"That's not good!" replied the young man.

"The guy who got the omnipotent herb has come to our Tycoon World.

What's more, he was with Kelsey and his sister."

The young man in golden robe completed his sentence slowly. He looked sullen with his eyes filled with dread.

"That brat has come to our Tycoon World?

Oh no, sir! If he gives the omnipotent herb to Elroy Tang and Elroy Tang refined the Condensed Omnipotent Pill with it, it will not be good for us, not at all!"

Cedric cried out in despair.

"Inform my father right away.

This time, I don't care what kind of methods we use, we must take the omnipotent herb from them. We cannot let Elroy Tang get it!

Besides, that brat has more than ten supreme holy fruits. I will get them also.

And then I will kill that arrogant brat myself!" the young man said coldly.

He looked like a man who was willing to go to any lengths to get what he wanted. This made him look intimidating.

"I understand, sir!"

Cedric answered and strode out of the hall to make preparations.

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