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   Chapter 2420 The Tycoon World

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8731

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There were at least ten secret rooms for practicing inside the Violet Golden Warship.

Each practice room was armored with a high-level spiritual energy gathering array, which was continuously absorbing spiritual energy from the outside world.

In one of the secret practicing rooms, Austin sat cross-legged silently.

He took two small stones with the size of his palm out of his Space Ring.

These two stones looked long, dark, and ancient.

In fact, Austin had acquired them from the stone statue chariot in the Ancient Forbidden Land.

He then released his spiritual sense in order to comprehend the markings on the stones.

As he expected, the two stone were inscribed with the first half and the second half of a secret scripture.

This scripture was known as the Flaming Magic Scripture.

After scrutinizing it, Austin discovered that the Flaming Magic Scripture was masculine, just like the Golden Sun Scripture.

He also noticed that the Flaming Magic Scripture devoted more attention to the essence of law and enlightenment. Austin thought it could give people a wholesome understanding of the self and the universe.

As for the Golden Sun Scripture, it was more beneficial in terms of its practical usage. It contained a detailed cultivation method for the learners' reference. Step by step, from weak to strong, Austin slowly tried to understand the scripture.

Austin had only mastered the Golden Sun Scripture to a certain level.

Hence, at this stage, the Flaming Magic Scripture was exactly what he needed.

Pleasantly surprised with its power, Austin immediately started to read and study it.

All the doubt and confusion that he had accumulated in his previous experience while practicing the Golden Sun Scripture were solved at once.

While reading, Austin had grown to appreciate the writing and morals of the scripture very much. He was in a good mood as he found it as refreshing as the spring breeze.

As the power of the Golden Sun Scripture was running more smoothly in his body, he felt as if he was floating in the air.

The Flaming Magic Scripture was highly advantageous to Austin's cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture.

In the past, when Austin cultivated the Golden Sun Scripture, he had always explored and comprehended it slowly by himself.

Now that he had acquired the Flaming Magic Scripture, it seemed as if there was a master who specifically came to teach him exactly what he needed to know.

It gave Austin a significantly deeper understanding of the Golden Sun Scripture regarding law power.

Ten days later, Austin had gained a l

even a cultivator at the Immortal Transforming Realm would be regarded as a great master who could dominate a small world.

However, in the Tycoon World, warriors at the Immortal Transforming Realm could be seen everywhere!

"Come on, Austin! Let's go to my place!"

said Kelsey. He was in a good mood after he came back to the Tycoon World.

Under the lead of Kelsey, the three followed and flew towards a spot on the continent.

Meanwhile, in a certain location of the continent, a young man in a golden robe stood at the head of a table, drinking tea in an ivory mansion.

"Sir, Kelsey and Elsie are back,"

a servant dressed in cyan said as he rushed in and knelt down on one knee.

"In addition, they brought back a strange young man."

"Really? They came back? And who is this unknown young man?"

The man in the shining golden robe put down his teacup. His face darkened.

"Kelsey and his sister went to explore the Ancient Forbidden Land. It must be their wishful thinking that compelled them to search for the omnipotent herbs in there.

However, these omnipotent herbs are nothing but illusory. It does not exist, so it is impossible for them to find one.

There is also this odd young man with them you say? Maybe a friend they made along the way.

How about this? Send someone to test the strength of that young man who followed them back. Beat him to death or kick him out of the Tycoon World. Let's see how tough this young blood is.

You must think I'm harsh... Well, it may not be a bad idea to embarrass Kelsey and his sister a little.

I will be very much delighted to see him and his sister being humiliated in public. Ha-ha-ha..."

the man in golden robe said to the servant and laughed.

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