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   Chapter 2417 The Friend Of The Infinity Beast

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The white-haired old man, who was enveloped by an immortal light, looked at them coldly, with his eyes getting more cold-blooded by every second.

Vaguely, a terrible pressure, just like that of a rumbling tidal wave, hovered Austin and his fellows.

Upon sensing it, their faces suddenly grimaced.

'It is said that although the omnipotent herbs are of a high level, their fighting power is not really that impressively strong.

Is it true, or is it just a rumor?'

Austin, Kelsey, and Elsie plucked up the courage to come here with the omnipotent herb, underestimating their effectiveness and power.

But the power this old man exhibited was otherwise.

The three felt like they were carrying an extremely massive weight on their back and were almost out of breath.

Elsie was the weakest among the three, trembling under such pressure that she could not even stand firmly.

If it came to a fight, they might not be a match to the white-haired old man.

"You have a familiar scent.

Are you from the Immortal End World?"

the old man asked in quite a surprise, his bright eyes intently staring at Austin.

As he spoke, the tense atmosphere eased a little.

"Sir, I do come from the Immortal End World,"

Austin uttered, quite stunned.

"I sensed an old friend's aura from you," said the old man.

Then he waved his hand, and a bleak aura filled the air.

Wherever it passed, the plants around him also withered a bit in an instant.

"The infinite aura!

Is your old friend the infinity beast?"

Austin narrowed his eyes and exclaimed.

"That's right.

It seems that you have indeed seen her before.

I haven't seen her for nearly a thousand years!

I'm wondering if she is okay now,"

the old man asked with a reminiscing look as if he was talking about an old acquaintance.

It turned out that the infinity beast and this omnipotent herb were friends.

'What a small world!' Austin exclaimed internally.

"The infinity beast is dead."

Austin then narrated everything about the infinity and little infinity beast.

"I only knew that she entered the Immortal End World, but I didn't expect that she died there. I guess life is full of surprises,"

the white-haired elder replied with a sigh.

"Ask the little infinity beast to come out. I'll see if I can cure it,"

he added, prompting Austin to do it immediately.


Austin was utterly overjoyed to hear that. So, using his mind, he teleported the little infinity beast out of the Slave Tower.

Since the beast had been injured in the South Mountain on the Divine Continent, it had been in a state of deep sleep in the Slave Tower.

After all, it had not been long since it was hatched. In order to save Austin, it had to take the attacks of the four ultimate magical treasures and fifteen masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. And since


said the white-haired old man.

Austin could not believe that he was just handing it casually to him. After all, those were omnipotent internal cores! Many cultivators would fight to death just to get their hands on it.

All three of them stared at the two pills with beaming eyes full of fervor.

"Thank you so much!"

Elated, Austin put away the two omnipotent internal cores in a hurry.

"All right. From now on, you must take good care of this little ball of fur.

This is the only thing that she left behind. I don't want anything wrong to happen to it,"

reminded the white-haired old man as he gently stroked the little beast one last time.

"Don't worry, sir. I will take good care of it,"

Austin reassured, flashing an affectionate smile.

Satisfied with the young man's words, the white-haired old man nodded in recognition.

And in one last gentle stroke on the beast, he waved his hand, and an ancient teleportation altar materialized.

"Alright, let me assist you in leaving the Ancient Forbidden Land.

If you have nothing important to do here, don't come anymore. This place is more dangerous than you think,"

uttered the white-haired old man.

In obedience, the three of them stood on their feet.


The altar was immediately activated, constantly sparking. And in just a matter of seconds, Austin, Kelsey, and Elsie disappeared.

After a while, at the edge of the Ancient Forbidden Land...

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Three figures fell out of the void like a flash of lightning.

The three of them finally left and landed someplace else.

"Sure enough, we have left the Ancient Forbidden Land!"

Austin, Kelsey, and Elsie were surprised and delighted.

"Oh, my god!



"Move now, or all of us will die!"

Suddenly, screams echoed in the air, and several people rushed out of the Ancient Forbidden Land like crazy.

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