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   Chapter 2414 Sect Ancestor

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"Well, so is this Austin Lin of Immortal End World?"

Miles murmured as he stared at Austin's retreating figure thoughtfully.

Above his head, a sharp sword emitted light and twisted in the air as if it were a living creature.

"He's from the same world as my master. I'll find him and ask if my master has returned to the Immortal End World," Miles continued.

After a momentary pause, he quickly turned into a beam of light and chased after Austin.


So Austin's the one who got the omnipotent herb!

That's interesting! He actually has the balls to steal what's mine!

Well, he can't escape from me," Victor muttered.

It only took him a single step to advance at least a thousand meters from where he had been a second earlier. The ground and mountains shook.

By using his demonic avatar, Austin was able to retrieve around four to five supreme holy fruits.

These fruits were normally the prize as creatures fought over it.

Austin just needed to unleash his spiritual sense so he could gauge the battle field. Once he had gotten a clear view, he would then release his demonic avatar that would then seal all the creatures successfully attaining the supreme holy fruit.

As a result, every creature alike was now after him. All the shouting and battle cries had caused a tremor throughout the land.

What made matters worse was that they had spread the news that Austin was retrieving so many supreme holy fruits that even creatures from other worlds and races were after him now too.

Several times, it seemed as if they had almost caught Austin. However, he managed to get away with the help of his demonic avatar. Releasing the World Sealing Tabooed Magic, it was able to hold off the creatures for a while.

When he got his 14th supreme holy fruit, he realized that he needed to find a way to get rid of his pursuers.

Otherwise, he would be in real trouble.

Even creatures that could match an immortal king would attack him because he had fourteen supreme holy fruits and an omnipotent herb.

Even though none of these creatures were immortal kings, Austin still had no idea how he could possibly get rid of all of them.

"Damn it! Things are getting out of control!" Austin murmured, a troubled look on his face.

His heart sank in fear as he realized that a great number of the cre

one watched in terror as the hand drew nearer.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hand was so powerful that all of the creatures that hadn't reached the Immortal Transforming Realm knelt down on the ground due to the pressure it released.

Only the few with the strongest willpower were able to withstand it and even then, they could just barely hold themselves up.

Austin felt his legs turn numb. However, he gritted his teeth as he pooled his power to fight it.

'Is this the power of a sect ancestor?'

Austin watched in shock as the hand slowly came down from the door.

Suddenly, a loud bang came from the Ancient Forbidden Land underground.

Along with it rose a figure that seemed powerful.

It seemed as if a titan had been awakened.

Following this, a boundless black fog came from the underground.

Coupled with the black mist was a horrifying low growl.

"Oh, my god! Whoever this being is, he's just as powerful as a sect ancestor! And he's here! At the Ancient Forbidden Land!

Looks like he wants something,"

a few immortal kings screeched in a panic.

"Run! The sect ancestor is starting! If we don't leave right now, we'll be smashed to pieces!"

Just like that, all of the creatures were frightened out of their wits.

They knew that they were no match for beings as powerful as the sect ancestors. They knew they would only get killed.

The sect ancestors were remarkably powerful. Whenever they were in a fight, just the mere energy wave they created was enough to destroy anyone who was weaker within the vicinity.

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