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   Chapter 2413 Take Advantage Of

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"What? Everyone, that is Austin!

Listen! I heard that he has an omnipotent herb in his possession!"

one of the creatures exclaimed in surprise and then announced.

The rest of them stared at the man's back, which was still in the distance. Their eyes shining with greed.

"Get after him!"

Several figures rushed out immediately and began chasing him.

The possibility of getting an omnipotent herb, coupled with the greed of a few supreme holy fruits was enough of an incentive for them to risk everything.

The seven masters who were at the Immortal Realm were all fired up and they were the first to go after him.

"Brother, look! It's Austin!"

a young girl, standing on the Violet Golden Warship cried out in an excited tone.

This girl was Elsie.


Immediately, the Violet Golden Warship began dashing forward and very soon, turned into a streak of shadow in Austin's pursuit.

Owing to his spiritual sense and warrior intuition, Austin immediately sensed that a large group of pursuers were behind him, and for some reason, could not hold back a bitter smile. He knew that he had been exposed, again!

The demonic avatar was too obvious.

As soon as the demonic avatar, and the Diabolic Killing Needle appeared, the evil creatures from the Third Demonic World would instantly recognize the aura and recognize him.

However, since he already knew this, he had been mentally prepared for this.

Luckily, he had broken through to the Immortal Transforming Realm now, and his bodily movement skills had advanced to an even higher level.

Over time, he had picked up various skills, and now his armory included an Invisibility Skill, the Dragon Lightness, the penetrating skill of the red demonic mouse, and the speed boost skill of the three-legged golden crow, apart from the fact that he had developed an understanding of the spatial power. Therefore, he had become incredibly fast.

The rapid pace, coupled with the illusion left behind by him in the form of a streak of light made it impossible for his pursuers to trace him.

Whoosh! "Damn it! How can he be so fast?"

The seven masters at the Immortal Realm were outraged when they lost him again.

Being masters at such an advanced cultivation base, not being able to catch up with a brat at the preliminary stage of the Immortal Realm was a joke on them!

A moment later, they heard a fierce fight ahead of them. The whole ground was rumbling and shaking.

"These two supreme holy fruits belong to me. Anyone who dares to take them shall suffer my wrath!"

"Go ahead! Ha-ha, you dumbo!

Those black and white beauties are precious and nobody is allowed to touch them except us.

And if you try, we're gonna chase you right into your graves! And if you wanna try something, go ahead in that too!"

"Your Sword Palace means nothing to us. What do you think we are, children?

Go away, these two holy fruits belong to us, and no one else!"

In a grassland covered by beautiful wild flowers that were now trampled, hun

ded by strong demonic aura that was roaring like a hurricane.

The giant creature was obviously from the beast race, carrying an over-sized golden mace on his shoulders. His muscles were coiled like dragons and the style made him look terrifying.

Not far from these two, a white supreme holy fruit was sitting next to a stream. It was sealed in place.

"Miles, We haven't fought in over a hundred years now.

Today's the time to finally do it!"

The creature waved his golden mace and grinned.

"Victor, I need this white supreme holy fruit. Please give it to me.

I'll owe you one,"

the man in the white robe casually asked.


If you need that supreme holy fruit so bad, you'll have to go through me to get it. It's yours if you can defeat me!"

His opponent laughed wildly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

The man in the white robe finally got furious as well.


The other one nodded.


The man with the sword knew the temperament of his opponent. No matter what he said to the bulky man, it was useless.


As he drew his sword, a large bang was heard, and a cold sword-light rushed towards the midnight sky!


His opponent waved his golden mace slightly and it made the space shake.

Obviously, the two were extremely powerful.

A fierce battle was about to begin.

Just then.

"You can stop arguing! The fruit is mine!"

A voice sounded.

Then, black snowflakes drifted in from all directions and shrouded the ground, sealing off the entire area.

The man in the white robe and the barbaric creature were shocked when they felt that their bodies had been immobilized.

Then, a young man appeared by the stream. He picked up the supreme holy fruit, turned around and rushed away; just like that!

"I've got another supreme holy fruit!"

Austin was in a good mood, and he used his bodily movement skill to escape instantly.

"Austin, stop!"

"You're dead, brat!"

A larger group of pursuers were chasing him now!

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