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   Chapter 2412 The Fourth Stage Of The World Sealing Tabooed Magic

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The young man was none other than Austin.

Including the one he had just taken from the demon, he now had a total of three holy fruits––two of which were black and the other one was white.

Austin couldn't help but flash a slight smug grin on his face as he looked at those fruits.

"I'm afraid it's not enough for me to condense the Supreme Holy Body with only three of these fruits.

Well, to achieve the legendary Supreme Holy Body, I have to grab some more!"

Austin murmured quite excitingly.

"What's more, with my current strength and trump cards, I have a chance to defeat others as long as I don't meet a strong cultivator as powerful as an immortal king.

All right. I don't care who it might be. I'll just go and snatch those holy fruits!'

He made up his mind confidently.

It was true that his cultivation base had now reached the Immortal Transforming Realm. And with his demonic avatar, he could even be qualified to compete with a powerful cultivator at the Immortal Realm.

Right now, those masters at the Immortal King Realm were frantically fighting over the supreme holy tree.

And the most powerful creatures that took part in the hunt were Immortal Realm masters.

"I should let the demonic avatar attain a higher level of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic!"

Austin uttered before he telepathically commanded the demonic avatar to enter the Slave Tower.

Until now, it only learned the third stage of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic.

Yet still, its strength had been continuously improving rapidly.

Because of this, the demonic avatar was powerful enough to practice the higher level of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic.

After some time, Austin commanded his bodily movement skill and rushed out of the valley, continuing his search for more black and white holy fruits.

Amusingly enough, those supreme holy fruits were smart enough not to remain motionless or stuck in one place.

After ejecting themselves from the supreme holy tree, they had escaped in nearby areas at will.

So, it was not really easy to locate and grab hold of them.

However, fortunately, these precious holy fruits only had primitive intelligence and were not wise enough to hide perfectly. Instead, they just instinctively avoided cultivators on the way.

After many of the masters unleashed their spiritual sense and other kinds of powerful magic treasures to search for them, most of the holy fruits were gradually located after another.

And a few hours later, another white holy fruit was discovered on a nearby mountain peak.

All of the hunters maniacally rushed to the peak, fiercely fighting one another on their way.

"Those who do not wish to die, get out!"

Suddenly, a gray shadow fell from the sky, flaring up a terrible energy pressure. In an instant, the entire mountain was covered by a gray mist.


Cries of pain and screams echoed in the whole area.


trength, they could undoubtedly kill him effortlessly.

So, they didn't care much about Austin––a young man at the Immortal Transforming Realm––who suddenly climbed up the mountain. What was more, they were still in a battle stalemate, and they figured he wasn't much of a threat.

For a while, none of the Immortal Realm masters had moved to attack Austin.


All of a sudden, Austin used all his strength and moved as fast as a tiger, running his bodily movement skill to the extreme.

Swoosh! He fell to the side of the white holy fruit and tried to grab it.


"Damn it! There is really someone who is not afraid of death!"

Suddenly, those masters at the Immortal Realm went into an uproar.

They all sprang at Austin swiftly; however, the demonic avatar was quick enough to respond.

Using its fourth stage of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic, it suddenly got involved in the fight.

In a split second, huge black snowflakes covered the entire mountain, leaving the seven Immortal Realm masters no time to dodge.

They rushed directly into the forbidden area and found themselves unable to move.

Moreover, the energy within their bodies was temporarily sealed.

While they were trapped––much to their utmost dismay––Austin had already grabbed the white holy fruit and instantly rushed over to a far distance.

"I got another holy fruit!"

Austin exclaimed. He was extremely overjoyed while staring at the fruit.

Now he had four holy fruits, two black and two white––making two perfect pairs for him to take!


After being restored from concealment, the several masters immediately went berserk and roared at the sky.

"It's him!

If my guess is right, he is Austin from the Immortal End World!"

Recognizing Austin, the demons from the Third Demonic World couldn't help but go into a total frenzy, feeling stupid for being outsmarted by a young man at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

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