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   Chapter 2411 The Snatch

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It was said that there was a world called the Divine Land outside this star cluster of the universe where gods lived.

In this land, the gods enjoyed endless life. They were unstoppable both in heaven and earth.

Besides this, people knew that these gods were the creators and controllers of all the things in the world.

The universe, sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers on the continent, tens of thousands of beings, even time, space, and order, were all personally created and ran by these gods.

Of course, these words were groundless, and no one could tell whether they were indeed true or not.

They could even be exaggerations made by people who had nothing better to do.

Moreover, as the Divine Land was filled with immortal energy and omnipotent herbs, consistent views and opinions stated that it was a dream world perfect for cultivation.

More importantly, a secret to eternal living was said to be found in that place!

Because the gods themselves were eternal, warriors and creatures who could enter that land could also attain immortality.

One could say that the Divine Land was a place that all cultivators in the world yearned for.

At this moment, the creatures lurking in the colossal tree realized the images might be linked to the Divine Land. So naturally, they were extremely dumbfounded.

"It turns out the key to the Divine Land is the combination of the twelve supreme holy trees in the world.

That is to say, if one wanted to enter the Divine Land, he or she would have to collect all twelve of those trees.

Whoa! That sounds like a tough task.

Each tree is a rare and precious treasure. It will be extremely hard to look for all of them,"

one of the creatures uttered in a mixture of amusement and surprise.

"Look, here is one of those trees!"

All of a sudden, a creature seemed to have awakened from contemplation. He stared at the supreme holy tree with passionate eyes.

Needless to say, this supreme holy tree was one of the keys to enter the Divine Land.

It was priceless!

Initially, a supreme holy tree was a rare treasure in the world, and its value was incalculable! This tree in front of them was no less different!

Therefore, the next moment, many cultivators started to move at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tremendous vital energy hands squeezed through the space and tried to grab the supreme holy tree one after another.

All of a sudden, the whole space began to boil. The pressure of the energy turned into raging winds that soared all over the sky.

Almost all who made their moves were masters at the Immortal King Realm or the Immortal Realm.

Those creatures with the strength below the Immortal Transforming Realm couldn't withstand the pressure of their vital energy force. So, once they found a chance, they immediately ran away as fast as they could.

"I should look for

slaughter a dozen creatures of the same level.


In a swift motion, Austin had already left far away and rushed towards another area.


A white supreme holy fruit!

This belongs to us!"

Meanwhile, in an ancient valley, a tall and ferocious evil creature holding a little white baby was laughing to his heart's content.

On his side were several evil creatures, who were still protecting the fruits, afraid that others might come to snatch it.

To get their hands on the fruits, people from various sects and organizations had fought with each other for a long time.

They even scrambled to check the Space Ring or other storage treasures of one another.

No one could be exempted from it, and the scene was practically deranged and chaotic.

This was the cruel world of warriors.

No matter how high one's cultivation base was, the materials and treasures were still too precious for them to not engage in a fierce competition.

Not to mention, a rare treasure like the supreme holy fruit could hardly be seen in tens of thousands of years, maybe even a hundred thousand years. So, this opportunity was really now or never.

"All of you devils will die!"

Suddenly, a loud roar resounded from somewhere.

Then, the magic runes dropped from the sky as if they were black snowflakes.

All the things in the valley, including time and space, froze in the black snow.

At the same time, a massive black stick fell from the sky and swept towards the evil creatures in the valley.

As a result, rumbling and clattering sounds disrupted the quietness of the valley!

All the evil creatures were ultimately crushed and then absorbed by the thick Diabolic Killing Needle.


It's my third supreme holy fruit."

A young man of the human race appeared in the valley. He grabbed the white supreme holy fruit, carefully examined it, and then hid it in his Space Ring.

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