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   Chapter 2410 Divine Land

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Austin spotted a white holy fruit and immediately rushed towards it.

However, a dozen creatures were also dashing towards it at the same time.

Some were at the Immortal Realm, while the others were at the Immortal Transforming Realm. They each formed a palm with their vital energy, aiming to grab the white fruit for themselves.

Several giant palms made of vital energy collided in the air and exploded.

"Go away!" an old man, bathed in bright light, roared angrily.

He waved his mace at those who were on his way, also trying to get the white fruit.

Austin was also one of the targets being attacked. In a hurry, he quickly took out the Pot of Chaos and blocked the impending assault.

Bang! With a blaring sound, Austin was forced to step away for a few thousand meters. He felt the blood seething in his body because of the impact.

Fortunately, the Pot of Chaos was so sturdy and stable that it wasn't damaged although it was hit by the mace.


Four to five creatures at the Immortal Transforming Realm turned into fogs of blood.

The elder, who launched the attack, was from the light race. He was as powerful as an immortal king.

'He is as good as an immortal king, right? Why would he need these fruits?' Austin could not help but secretly nag.

"Oh? It can take my blow?

What is this weapon?"

the elder of the light race amusingly said, looking at the Pot of Chaos in front of Austin.

After all, he knew what he was capable of. Now that the pot could resist his attack without any damage, he surmised that it was a magic treasure that had been owned by an immortal king.

Despite that, he wasn't interested in the Pot of Chaos for long. He turned around and planned to pick up that white supreme holy fruit.

The fruit was what he needed most, and not the pot.

However, at that moment, just as he was about to grab a hold of the fruit, the supreme holy tree began to tremble violently.

It suddenly glowed brightly and emitted a dangerous and intense power.

Sensing it, all the living creatures stepped back to keep a long distance from the tree.

Even those powerful ones raised their eyebrows and couldn't help but take a few

When it finally came in the space, the image suddenly trembled a few times.

Then, without any warning, all the images disappeared.

Even the great illusory world on the crown vanished in a flash.

Only a giant tree remained standing there.

All the creatures, interested in the magic fruits or not, saw the images.

Because of utter shock and surprise, a dead silence enveloped them, making the atmosphere a bit eerie.

Everyone was thinking of those eccentric images and why they suddenly appeared.

"Twelve trees merged into a key and opened the door that leads to the world called Divine Land?"

a smart creature said while recalling what he had just seen.

"Y-yes, you're right. Twelve trees turned into a key.

It's suggesting that we need to find twelve magic trees and merge them together so that we can open the door!

The door leads to the world called the Divine Land!"

another creature shouted, still in a state of shock.

"Is it possible that Divine Land is the real God's Burial Ground?"

"Or not. It might actually refer to the divine world where a real god lives!"

another creature guessed boldly.

All of them were in conflicting ideas, obviously baffled by what just happened right before their eyes. "What?! The divine world where a real god lives!"

Upon hearing this, the other creatures couldn't help but gasp in astonishment. After all, the immortal world was something that sounded so remote to them.

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