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   Chapter 2407 The Immortal Transforming Realm

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10365

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Three days later, Austin's vital energy flowed like a tsunami sounding like a continuously breaking wave. All the three hundred and sixty grottoes on his body and his energy meridians began to expand.

At this time, Austin's body was like a small universe. The three hundred and sixty grottoes looked like three hundred and sixty glittering stars in the starry sky, where they were continuously absorbing the pure energy from the outside world.

When all of his grottoes lit up simultaneously, it was a sight to behold. They would glow and shine producing a bright and eye-catching light. Austin's body gradually became transparent, and the extremely dazzling golden light radiated from his body.

The energy meridians were just like a golden star river hanging in the starry sky, rolling and flowing. It was very magnificent.

Finally, Austin's body reached the most extreme level it could get to given his condition.

Three hundred and sixty grottoes was a major feat for him to achieve. A part from that he also had all his energy meridians expanding rapidly.

He was at the point of making a breakthrough!

Austin felt that he was about to break through the Heavenly Doom.

However he was a little worried, "Is it safe to make a breakthrough in this Ancient Forbidden Land?"

Austin was not sure what he should do.

However, Austin also knew that he had to capitalize on this opportunity and catch this chance to make a breakthrough in time. If he missed it, he didn't know when it would come again.

Moreover, suppressing the process of a breakthrough could also cause irreparable damage to the body. It might leave unpredictable effects that would affect a cultivator's path for their practice in the future.

"Alright, let's do this. It is all or nothing now!"

Austin took out the jade bottle and put all the golden fluid and the golden bead into it.

Then he gritted his teeth in excitement as he rushed out of the cave to receive the Thunderstroke Doom.

An explosion was suddenly heard all over the cave and valley.

Meanwhile, thick dark clouds started gathering in the sky. Between the clouds a thick lightning snake appeared to be shining in the thick clouds.

But the next moment, right at the Ancient Forbidden Land, where Austin was located, had an inexplicable field that started spreading out. Milky white divine chains appeared to run continuously on the ground or empty space, forming giant webs that completely enveloped the whole area.

They formed a secluded space, and therefore inadvertently cutting off the Thunderstroke Doom in the sky and its connection with Austin.

Then, the dark clouds in the sky also began to disperse as soon as the Thunderstroke Doom disappeared.

"Damn it! It seems the Ancient Forbidden Land does not allow any outside creatures to break through the Heavenly Doom in this place!"

Austin immediately deduced why the Thunderstroke had suddenly disappeared.

"Did I just fail to make a breakthrough like this? This is such a wasted opportunity.

It is impossible to make a break through the Heavenly Doom in the

come clearer.

Indistinctly, he could also feel that in the void around, the white divine chains of law were densely packed, spreading between heaven and earth.

It seemed that different laws existed in everything in the world.

It turned out that when he entered the Immortal Transforming Realm, he had already begun comprehending how the law power worked and the basics of how to use it.

Austin had already begun to comprehend the laws of heaven and earth when he was at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

In particular, he had already had a deep understanding of the rules of five elements.

And now that Austin had broken through to the Immortal Transforming Realm, his understanding of the laws of heaven and earth had also been deepened sharply, reaching a state of enlightenment.

So Austin immediately sat cross legged in the air and began to meditate while trying to comprehend the law.

A day later, Austin suddenly opened his eyes with his eyes shining.

He stretched his hand forward and with the simple move the space in front of him suddenly trembled.

The whole space was confined within Austin's hand.

The air, clouds and dust all suddenly stopped moving.

This was the true ability of a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm. He could now control any space at will.

With his newly acquired powers, if he so wished, whenever Austin met cultivators whose cultivation base was lower than the Heavenly Grotto Realm, he could freeze them at any time and kill them in a second.

"Wow, the laws of the heaven and earth are really amazing!"

Austin exclaimed.

Austin then rose up through the air.

He was now at the Immortal Transforming Realm!

Austin gently clenched his fists, and a terrible pressure instantly shrouded the whole sky. He could feel the extreme power that was emanating from his body.

"Well, I should go back to the Ancient Forbidden Land and continue to search for the God's Burial Ground."

After thinking for a while, Austin moved his body and sneaked into the Ancient Forbidden Land again.

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