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   Chapter 2406 Achieve Another Breakthrough

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"Don't let it leave! Come on. We should attack before it returns to its palace," several of the top cultivators shouted.

They had come from several worlds to capture the stone statue, Although the stone statue was terrifyingly powerful, they didn't want to miss this chance. After all, it was a spirit of holy stone.

Moreover, they knew that the more powerful a spirit of holy stone, the higher its value.

Thus, the effect of pills made from this potent spirit would be astonishing!


A second later, a golden light cut through the sky like a sharp knife. The horse released a long hissing sound, and the ground shook.

In the next moment, the stone statue on the stone horse turned toward the deserted land. Moments later, they landed on the top of the mountain.

The stone figure flickered and teleported to the palace. Aware that someone had intruded in its palace, the stone statue released a bright light from its eyes as it scanned the area.

Anger coursed through the stone statue and turned into violent golden winds that howled around it.

All the golden liquid and the precious bead at the bottom of the pool was missing!

The two stones in the chariot were nowhere to be seen either.

These items were of value to the stone statue as they helped to improve its strength.

Now, someone had stolen them.

The stone statue seethed with fury as it stood beside the chariot.

After some contemplation, it stretched out its hand and made a gesture.

Instantly, golden dots of energy emerged and formed a golden screen that floated in the middle of the palace.

The golden dots danced on the screen as if they were forming a shape.

Moments later, a middle-aged man's portrait appeared on the screen.

"He was disguised!"

the stone statue said through gritted teeth.

Another wave of his hand released several more golden dots of light. Soon, the screen was covered in the new lights.

These enchanted golden dots of light had the amazing ability to work through the thief's disguise and reveal his real face and the true aura of his spiritual soul.

Soon, another portrait appeared on the golden screen.

It was a little blurry and twisted.

Despite that, the stone statue identified that the thief was a young man from the human race.

Before Austin had entered the palace, he had altered his appearance and disguised the aura of his spiritual soul by using

uscles seemed to have come to life when the Golden Sun Scripture in his body was activated.

A mysterious force was leading the vital energy inside his body to run at high speed.

This mysterious power came from the golden rivers around Austin.

Austin relaxed as he sat cross-legged on the ground.

The sound was emitted from his body as his vital energy flowed. Soon, his body released a bright light.

When probing with his spiritual sense, Austin found that his three hundred and sixty grottoes were absorbing the pure energy from the golden liquid.

After adding his elixir field, there were three hundred and sixty-one grottoes in his body.

Of course, the elixir field was the most important grotto as it controlled the operations of all the vital energy in the body. It also connected the other three hundred and sixty grottos that were spread throughout his body, thus forming a complete network.

The more grottos cultivators had, the more powerful they were.

Austin had three hundred and sixty grottos. In terms of vital energy, he could defeat most cultivators of his level in a heartbeat.

Golden rivers began to seep into Austin's body slowly.

The whole stone cave was filled with dazzling golden lights.

Two days later, Austin's body trembled.

"It's a sign of a breakthrough!"

Austin was both surprised and pleased.

Not long ago, he had reached the premium stage of Heavenly Grotto Realm. He didn't expect to achieve another breakthrough so soon.

'What is this golden liquid? Why is it so helpful to my practice of the Golden Sun Scripture?' Austin wondered.

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