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   Chapter 2404 The Stone Statue

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The moment Austin left, a long neigh sounded from the palace.

Then, a stone horse galloped out of nowhere at lightning speed.


The air was explosive, and the ground cracked. The stone horse was full of raging energy and it shot out as it galloped forward.

"Ahhhh!" Screams were heard from all around.

More than a dozen creatures were crushed on the spot and killed miserably with blood mist surrounding them.

"What the hell is this?"

The people who had come here chasing Austin were startled.

They had never expected that they would run into an intimidating being like the stone horse.


The stone horse leaped in the air, and violent energy continued to rush out of it like a torrent.

Several more people let out shrieks of horror as they fell to their deaths.

The stone horse had so much skills and power that only cultivators at the Immortal Realm could try to resist it.

Cultivators below the level of the Immortal Realm would either be killed or injured as long as they were touched by the stone horse.

Naturally, the weaker cultivators fled the scene in fear.

Only the masters of the Immortal Realm dared to remain on the mountain peak.

"Let's attack it together!" one of the masters cried out.

Dozens of them swarmed up and besieged the stone horse, displaying all kinds of magic weapons and secret skills in the process.

There was so much power in the air and it seemed to tear space apart.

"This stone horse seems to be a spirit of holy stone!"

someone suddenly exclaimed, pointing out the origin of the stone horse.

All the creatures present gasped in astonishment.

It was said that when holy stones that contained the essence of heaven and earth were nourished by the sun and moon for a long time, an intelligent creature would be born inside them.

Such creatures were called the spirits of holy stone.

They were quite different from normal creatures.

A spirit of holy stone was the result of the abundant essence of heaven and earth that was collected over many years. It was the most precious thing in the world, often thought of as a gift from god.

"Spirits of holy stone can be used to refine pills. If we can subdue this stone horse, we can refine pills with it and that will have the same or even better effect than pills refined with omnipotent herbs!"

another evil master exclaimed with astonishment and delight.


Let's catch it. It is of great value!"

Now that the evil masters knew the origin of the stone horse, they all stared at it with greedy eyes.

Over several miles away in the air, Austin was observing what was happening on the mountain peak.

"A spirit of holy stone? And it can be used to refine pills?"


ng energy, killing those masters like a tsunami and leaving their bones intact.


That stone statue seems to be a long way from the peak of the mountain!'

Austin thought to himself.

It was true. The stone statue was now dozens of miles away from the palace, and it was fighting with a large group of masters.

'That pool of golden liquid in the palace would be of great help to my practice of the Golden Sun Scripture!'

Austin could not forget the golden liquid.

He had an intuition that it would be a great help to his vital energy cultivation.

The only reason he hadn't dared to take it before was because of the horrible stone statue.

Now, however, there seemed to be an opportunity for him to do it.

'Damn it! I'll go for it!'

Without much hesitation, Austin moved and turned into a shadow, returning the way he had come.

He used his Invisibility Skill and Aura Disguising Skill to hide his breathing. In a moment, he was back at the peak of the mountain.

While the stone statue was still in fierce pursuit of the evil masters, Austin rushed into the palace.

The statue was so intimidating and merciless that it had killed most of the masters in no time.

In particular, it had killed almost all of the warriors who had hurt its stone horse!


That damned Austin from Immortal End World!

It's all his fault. So many masters were killed because of him!" one of the masters cursed.

"I seriously suspect that he did it on purpose!

He must have tempted us to come here knowing that it's a dangerous place.

After all, he disappeared as soon as the stone horse and the stone statue appeared!" another said through gritted teeth.

When they thought of Austin, they all gnashed their teeth with hatred.

They had no doubt that he had led them to their deaths.

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