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   Chapter 2400 Run For Life

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Although the golden statue was only as big as a fist, it exuded a powerful energy, which made people tremble and want to kneel down.

Under the terrible pressure, Austin scrutinized the statue carefully and found that it was a statue of a Taoist. It was wearing a robe although he couldn't recognize the color of the statue's clothes.

The stone statue was covered with thick dust as if it had been sitting there for a long time and had never been moved.

As Austin took a closer look at the statue, he shivered and felt goosebumps all over his body.

'Is this stone statue still alive? Otherwise, why would it be staring at me with such a murderous look in its eyes?

Although it is small and looks like other normal statues, its power is abnormal. It seems like it can destroy the universe at any time!' Austin thought.

As Austin continued to carefully examine it, he felt as if he was being stared at by a ferocious beast which would pounce on him and launch a destructive attack on him any time.

"You will die, you outsider!"

A cold voice suddenly emanated from the stone statue.

Then a formidable power exploded from within the statue.

The explosion was so magnificent it shook the whole palace.

At that moment, Austin was startled. His spiritual soul was shaking uncontrollably and he felt as if his body was about to fall apart under the tremendous pressure.

Austin was taken aback. 'The stone statue is really alive!

Moreover, its strength is so terrifying that I would not want to provoke it. I am no match for it.

Damn it! What the hell is this thing?'

Austin cursed inside.

However, he did not want to find out anymore because he could sense that the statue was not to be messed with. Austin turned around and decided to run away without hesitation with all his strength.

The moment he turned around, a golden light flashed through the palace and the neighing of a horse resounded through the palace.

With his spiritual sense, Austin sensed a powerful stone horse rising in the air. It shook its head and majestically swung its tail. It gave off a strong and frightening aura, and every time it took a stride, the void nearby collapsed.

The stone horse was very small in size. It was only as big as a sea horse.

But its strength was terrifying and comparable to a dark dragon.

The stone horse was shimmering as it radiated with a golden light. Unfortunately the beautiful golden light was directed at Austin as it chased after him.

'Oh, shit! They are both after me? A stone statue and stone horse! Did the stones come to life?' Austin wondered while trying to get away from them as fast as possible.

He activated his bodily movement skill so that he could exert extreme speed and run away from his pursuers. He couldn't wa

ull potential of the Immortal Body Refining Formula, he had amazing healing ability for injuries.

Later, Austin dared not approach the abandoned land any more. He headed towards the opposite direction of that area.

About half a day later, Austin suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared straight ahead.

A large group of evil creatures were moving around.

There were about six hundred of them.

"We were informed that, the Austin guy from the Immortal End World is supposed to be hanging out in this area.

He couldn't have gone too far.

If we search this area, we might run into him here."

"I heard that the brat has the holy weapon of our race—Diabolic Killing Needle in his possession. Is that true?"

"It's true. I was in that battle when our troops attacked the Immortal End World. I saw Austin's demonic avatar use the Diabolic Killing Needle.

I'm sure our holy weapon is in the hands of that human brat."

"It's strange. But why did our holy treasure fall into the hands of a human in the Immortal End World?"

"I heard that in an ancient battle, our holy prince was eager to stand out, so he took the Diabolic Killing Needle with him and entered the Immortal End World.

However, from then on, he and the Diabolic Killing Needle disappeared and no one ever heard of them again."

The evil creatures of the abyss demon race were in a heated discussion and didn't realize that they were being watched.

Austin concealed his breath using the Aura Disguising Skill. He crept up on them so that he could overhear their conversation better.

'These evil creatures must be from the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World, ' Austin surmised.

'Humph! Now that I have met them, I won't let them go easily!'

Austin's eyes were cold and this time he was not going to spare them. He was ready to kill the evil creatures.

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