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   Chapter 2398 The God's Burial Ground

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"I heard about it before, but I know little about it.

You must know more than I do.

Does the Ancient Forbidden Land really had something to do with the God's Burial Ground?"

Austin replied and asked Kelsey in return.

"Ha-ha! Austin, you are from the Immortal End World. That place has been shut down for too long, so it's just normal that you know little about the God's Burial Ground.

So, let me tell you more about it.

The legend about the God's Burial Ground was passed down by our great grandfathers, and it continued to be passed on even to the younger generations.

We have always regarded the God's Burial Ground as the most mysterious, precious and captivating treasure in this region.

Countless grandmasters and cultivators have been searching for this place for a long time.

The legend has it that someone entered the God's Burial Ground by chance. He only stayed for a very short time and was teleported out of the place because he accidentally stepped into an ancient magic array.

This man was the current leader of the Heavenly Palace.

Also, this head of the Heavenly Palace reached this distinguished status and became one of the strongest masters in this region because of the great opportunity he got from the God's Burial Ground,"

Kelsey patiently explained to Austin.

"The leader of the Heavenly Palace?"

Austin asked curiously.

"Yes, the Heavenly Palace is the most powerful force in this region.

The head of the Heavenly Palace possesses terrifying strength. He is the king of the world and no one dares to disobey him.

No one in this region dares to provoke his force,"

said Kelsey with a serious look on his face.

"Because of the ultimate power that the leader of the Heavenly Palace attained, people from all over the region had set their hearts on finding the God's Burial Ground.

But so far, no one has found it,"

said Kelsey.

"Since the leader of the Heavenly Palace had successfully entered the God's Burial Ground, he should know its location. Would you know if he went back there afterwards?"

Austin asked.

"No, unfortunately even the leader of the Heavenly Palace cannot find the God's Burial Ground anymore.

It was said that the God's Burial Ground was not rooted in a permanent location.

Once in a while, or perhaps every tens of thousands of years, the God's Burial Ground wou

of attack. We just need to cripple him and take the omnipotent herb back,"

Elsie said to Kelsey angrily. Her heart was filled with resentment and hatred as she stared at Austin's receding figure.

"I don't think that we can kill him even if we use the cannons on the warship.

His stela was a magic treasure that once belonged to a immortal king, and the one his avatar hold is also terrifying.

If we try to take it by force, we may never have a chance to get it."

Kelsey looked at his sister and shook his head. He did not want to confront Austin.

His cultivation base was higher than Elsie's, so his insight and experience was higher than hers.

"But father really need the omnipotent herb to recover!

If our father's health continues to deteriorate, he will never recover.

The status of our clan members will continue to decrease. In the end, we will be excluded from the Tycoon World,"

Elsie said anxiously.

"Let's follow him first. Then we will figure a way out."

Kelsey finally decided after he had considered it.

The Violet Golden Warship jolted and chased after Austin at a lightning speed.

In the next two days, Austin made his way through the Ancient Forbidden Land.

His journey seemed endless as the Ancient Forbidden Land was a vast, immeasurable land.

The land was enormous, and its size would equal an entire large world.

The entire land was covered with thick, ancient forest.

Soon, Austin sensed there were a group of people looking for him and even chasing after him.

They must have heard about the omnipotent herb.

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