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   Chapter 2397 Violet Golden Warship

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The interior of the Violet Golden Warship was actually much larger and more spacious than what it looked like from outside.

There was a wide cabin, rows of independent rooms, and even dozens of secret chambers for cultivation.

From the outside, however, it looked like a small boat that could accommodate only a few people, because it was shrouded in a sophisticated space array designed to hide its true size.

Standing inside the cabin, Austin observed the speed at which the ship was moving and realized that it was at least ten times faster than his own bodily movement skill!

This warship was one of the few things he had come across that had truly impressed him.

Besides, when he recalled the protruding cannon barrels, he couldn't help but admire the ship even more.

It was obvious that the white light column that shot out of the cannon barrels was not much weaker than an attack launched by an immortal king.

Such a warship was a formidable magic treasure.

As Austin looked around the ship with his mouth agape, the girl in green snorted.

Since Austin refused to give her the omnipotent herb, she was a little unhappy with him.

With a smug expression on her face, she said, "Huh! I suppose you have never seen such an intimidating warship before.

To tell you the truth, warships designed and built in Tycoon World are the best ones you'll see in the entire universe.

In fact, many races and clans pay a lofty sum to Tycoon World just because they want to buy one of our warships."

"Oh, are your warships that famous?"

Austin asked curiously.

"Ha-ha, of course! Everyone wants a warship from Tycoon World.

There is a secret technique for building good warships that has been passed down from ancient times. Using that technique, we are able to build warships with the best offensive and defensive power.

It's no wonder that many creatures in the universe are proud of owning a warship built in Tycoon World,"

the man replied, hurrying to introduce the pride and joy of Tycoon World.

"I see.

That's awesome!"

Austin said with a thumbs up.

Then, in a regretful voice, he added, "With the power of this warship, we could have killed that demon..."

"Humph! You're so naive.

Don't you know that the attack just now consumed half of the ship's energy?

Besides, Tycoon World and the abyss demon race from Evil Abyss World have never crossed paths for centuries.

If we had killed that demon in front

r senior warriors who were almost at the end of their lives.

If they managed to get their hands on an omnipotent herb, they would be able to extend their lifespan.

As for younger warriors, even if they didn't want to extend their lifespan, they could still trade the omnipotent herb for something valuable for their cultivation.

So naturally, many creatures in the Ancient Forbidden Land began to look for Austin, hoping to rob him of the omnipotent herb.

At this time, there were a lot more creatures in the Ancient Forbidden Land than usual because of the legend about the God's Burial Ground.

In the star cluster, a large number of powerful cultivators were sent by almost every realm and every influential clan to seek opportunity at the Ancient Forbidden Land.

"Austin, are you here because of the God's Burial Ground?"

Kelsey asked Austin.

The truth was, he still wanted to trade with Austin, but since Austin had refused him explicitly before, he was straining to make small talk without bringing up what was really on his mind.

"Yes, that's why I'm here,"

Austin replied, somewhat feeling like he was on the right track.

Before he had left for the Ancient Forbidden Land, Kevin, Zenith, and the soldier had told him that the reason there were troops boldly breaking into the Ancient Forbidden Land must have something to do with the God's Burial Ground.

Now, after hearing what Kelsey had said, Austin knew that the three of them had been right about the motive of those troops.

So many people from different worlds had indeed rushed into the Ancient Forbidden Land just for the God's Burial Ground.

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