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   Chapter 2395 The Power Of The Demonic Avatar

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"Austin, do you think you can do anything you want with the power of this demonic avatar and the sacred treasure of my race?

Humph! I can't believe that my race's treasure is going to be wasted by you!

You can't bring out its power at all!

In fact, you're a piece of trash I can easily dispose of," the strong devil mocked.

His dilated eyes were stern and murderous.

Reaching out his hand, he grabbed something from the void. It was a long sword filled with demonic energy and shining with a bright black light.

This demonic sword was extremely narrow and long, about ten feet in length. On its surface were countless engraved patterns that exuded extremely evil power.

Austin was surprised––as evidenced by his narrowed eyes––at the mere sight of the sword.

This demonic sword was absolutely not worse than an immortal king's magic treasure.

Suddenly, the demon brewed a terrifying aura that spread far away in all directions while emitting an evil red light.

Everyone who saw this was also quite dumbfounded.

"I didn't expect to meet you here. Not only the omnipotent herb will be in my hands, but as well as our race's sacred treasure. I can finally get it back!

What's more, I can also kill you, the chief of the Immortal End World. Ha-ha-ha!

I'm pretty sure I will be greatly rewarded by the Devil Ancestor Bale when I go back!

Ha-ha-ha! I'm hitting two birds with one stone today, huh!

I will undoubtedly become a grand leader in the Third Demonic World!

Ha-ha-ha! I should thank you for that, Austin! It is you who will make it possible," the devil continuously mocked, bursting into a horrible guffaw.

The immense demonic energy he was emitting was aiming at Austin.

Devil Ancestor Bale was the devil ancestor of the Third Demonic World in the Evil Abyss World.

"Are you sure? I'm afraid you are happy for nothing. Don't get too ahead of yourself; you won't be able to kill me."

Austin sneered with an insulting smug.

With a bang, the devil stood, and his demonic sword sprang out.

"That will never happen. Austin, you're certainly doomed! Go to hell!" he exclaimed with an icy voice filled with a murderous will.


The intense and overwhelming demonic energy continuously lashed out of the devil's body.

In a moment, a violent wave of demonic energy came into being, shaking the surrounding space and the earth fiercely.

Instantly, several spaces cracked opened, and the earth started to collapse.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Countless mysterious ripples were formed in the mountai

s right. Thank goodness we didn't rob him of his omnipotent herb!

Otherwise, we may as well be dead meat by now,"

said the man beside the girl, who was also appalled.

"Damn it! How could a young lad from a weak world have such a powerful demonic avatar?!

No wonder he is confident to fight for the omnipotent herb!"

The rest of the group was also quite stunned. Internally, they all felt lucky that they did not provoke Austin a while ago.

Just then, Austin thought it was enough.

'Well, it is time to leave now, '

he thought to himself.

The demonic avatar only utilized the powerful demonic energy, while the strong devil heavily relied on using all kinds of powerful and mysterious skills.

The demonic avatar would be put at a significant disadvantage if the fight continued for a long time.

So instead, Austin used his spiritual sense.

Then, the demonic avatar directly exerted the World Sealing Tabooed Magic.

All of a sudden, several mysterious runes in the air transformed into dark snowflakes and surged towards the devil.


The devil let out a cold snort. However, he recognized that he was inept at dealing with such magic skills. So, he had no choice but to step back.


Austin took advantage of the moment and unleashed all his physical strength before striding out. Turning into a spot of light, he rushed tens of thousands of miles away.

The demonic avatar had always been faster than Austin, but now it was following closely behind.

"Well, Austin, no matter how hard you try today, you will not be able to escape at all!"

the devil snorted, looking so sullen. Right away, he turned into a red light and chased after Austin.

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