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   Chapter 2394 Austin's Identity Was Exposed

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A dazzling red light lit up the sky, and then raced after Austin at an incredible speed.

"Oh, this is not good! It's that winged creature!"

the girl in the green dress exclaimed.

The red-skinned master of the abyss demon race had fought the golden tiger.

He was incredibly sensitive to everything around him, so he knew what had happened to Rupert.

Enraged, he got rid of the golden tiger and came after Austin.

Rupert's death drenched his heart in rage and fear.

Rupert was from a very powerful upper class family in the Evil Abyss World.

His father was a violent master.

Once he found out about Rupert's death, he would severely punish the red-skinned creature for failing to protect his son.

The red-skinned creature would not let Austin get away with Rupert's murder.


Austin turned around and, with his physical strength, he dashed toward the mountains in the distance at full speed.

The siblings boarded their Violet Golden Warship. The ship then turned into purple light and followed Austin.

They still wanted to talk Austin into giving them the omnipotent herb.

Creatures that entered the Ancient Forbidden Land usually avoided flying in the sky.

There was a mysterious law power in this ancient land that did not allow outsiders to fly.

If they flew in the air, they would be killed by the force.

In the blink of an eye, Austin was several hundred miles away from where he had been.

However, to Austin's shock, the master of the abyss demon race moved at a terrifying speed using his bodily movement skill.

"Do you think you can run away from me?" the evil creature sneered.

He was catching up to Austin fast.

He pointed at him.

Then, a tall rock shook violently.

The rock was in front of Austin.

Then, tremendous evil aura shrouded the rock.

In a heartbeat, the rock was gone.

Austin blinked.

Then, the winged creature stood where the rock had been.

The rock was now hundreds of miles behind Austin.

'This evil creature just traded pla

He knew that he was no match against the winged creature, but he still had his demonic avatar.

He still stood a chance.

The siblings' Violet Golden Warship was still far away from Austin and the winged creature, but with their spiritual sense, they overheard their conversation.

"Oh, my gosh! Did you hear that?

That young man was from the Immortal End World.

He is the chief of that world.

I didn't expect such a powerful young man to be from that backward world," the girl exclaimed.

She had to catch her breath from the shock.

"I heard that not long ago, the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World joined forces with the skeleton race and the heaven shadow race to invade the Immortal End World.

They failed.

The creatures from the Immortal End World are probably stronger than we imagined,"

the man said broodingly.

"That brat is from the Immortal End World!"

"Damn! A human from a weak world dared steal the omnipotent herb. He has a death wish!"

Meanwhile, groups of creatures drew close to Austin and the winged creature.

These groups included members of the light race, folks of the evil shadow race, and human race from other alien worlds.

None of them wanted to give up on the omnipotent herb. They had been hiding nearby and carefully observing Austin and the winged, red-skinned creature.

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