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   Chapter 2393 Making A Deal

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Rupert was only as mighty as a cultivator at the Immortal Transforming Realm. How could he possibly defend himself from Austin's Supreme Spiritual Pot?

Rupert did not even have the chance to scream before he died. It was all done in a second.

Rupert's men froze at the sight of their leader's dead body.

Rupert enjoyed a high position in the Evil Abyss World. He was the youngest son of a high-status grand leader in the Evil Abyss World.

He came to the Ancient Forbidden Land not only to find the legendary God's Burial Ground but also to go out of the Evil Abyss World to toughen himself up. He did not expect himself to be killed here.

Nobody did.

Rupert's family would be furious once they found out about this.

"Fetch me that human's head, and I will bring it to Rupert's family.

Otherwise, it will be all our heads on a pike!"

Rupert's men, a few hundred in total, gnashed their teeth together and surrounded Austin.

Most of these demons had the strength equal to that of a human cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

The powerful ones were equivalent to human cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Austin did not seem to look threatened at all.

Then, the ground shook.

A tall demonic figure appeared beside Austin, emitting an overwhelming evil aura. The sky slowly darkened, creating the feeling of countless rare demons lurking about.

It was Austin's demonic avatar.

During the fierce battle in the sky of the Immortal End World, Austin's Diabolic Killing Needle killed about a few million demons, maybe even more than ten million.

Now, the strength of Austin's Diabolic Killing Needle and his demonic avatar had reached an appalling level.

It was difficult even for Austin to accurately estimate which realm the power of his demonic avatar had achieved.

Austin was no good at studying evil energy.

But, according to the observation of the soldier, the strength of Austin's demonic avatar must far exceed that of a cultivator at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Even a cultivator at the Immortal Realm might not be able to defeat the demonic avatar.

As for the Diabolic Killing Needle, it seemed to have woken up.

The Diabolic Killing Needle was one of the three sacred treasures in the Evil Abyss Wo

how many martial skills he practiced, his combat effectiveness would not improve greatly.

After the battle back in the Immortal End World, Austin had understood lots of things.

Since borrowing the power of the Immortal End World, he had become invincible and had tasted how it felt to be able to fight an immortal king, which fascinated him.

It was not until that battle that Austin realized the most important thing was to become strong enough to harness another powerful force.

It was much more important than learning many secret skills.

"Sorry, I don't need any more cultivation methods or martial skills."

Austin shook his head and turned around to leave.

"Wait! I can also give you a divine magic treasure."

The man got a bit anxious.

"I'm not interested in that either."

Austin shook his head once again.

The Fire Stela was a real divine magic treasure of an immortal king, which Austin was lucky enough to already have.

"You... How could you do this?

Are you intentionally embarrassing us?"

Seeing that Austin refused again and again, the girl in the green dress could not help feeling emotional.

"It seems that you're putting me on the spot.

The omnipotent herb is mine, and I don't want your treasures. You'll have to pry the herb from my dead fingers,"

Austin sneered.


How dare you kill Prince Rupert and take the omnipotent herb, you human brat! You're going to die!"

Suddenly, a loud roar shattered the air and shook the nearby dense forest.

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