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   Chapter 2391 Succeed In Transformation

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"So you bastards are from the light race; is it?!"

How dare you fight with us for the omnipotent herb? I can't believe you would have the audacity to do this!

Just wait and watch. The army of our Evil Abyss World will annihilate your homeland sooner or later!" the leader of the abyss demon race declared confidently.

He looked at the group of people from the light race with a bloodthirsty gaze.

"Ha-ha! You've gotta be kidding me.

Do you think our world is as weak as this worthless Immortal End World? And you can't even handle Immortal End World by the way!

How dare you brag on like this?

You better watch out! Your Evil Abyss World will be ruined and you won't be able to do anything about it,"

a golden-haired, dashing young man of the light race responded proudly.

The white halo at the back of his head made him look like a deity. His physique was also majestic, exuding an aura of strength.

"Wow, it's really an intelligent semi-omnipotent herb that is evolving into an omnipotent herb!"

someone exclaimed from a distance.

'It seems like many creatures have broken into the Ancient Forbidden Land.

So many creatures have gone past and spotted it in such a short time, ' Austin thought with a frown.

Soon, dozens of gray shadows appeared in the distance. They were approaching them at what seemed to be an astounding speed.

The shadows gradually grew bigger and bigger until they started taking human form. A cloud of dust surrounded this battalion of humans.

At first glance, these people looked more or less like humans. But a second look revealed that their skin was actually grey. The skin on their forehead and even hands were marked with evil patterns.

That wasn't all; they also emitted the evil aura.

'They are from the evil shadow race!'

Austin couldn't help but feel a pang of fear rush through his veins as this thought crossed his mind.

Austin could recognize this aura even in his sleep.

'They really are members of the evil shadow race!

These people are from the outside world.

A powerful vibe is exuded by them. Indeed, they are strong cultiv

e nature.

After the baptism, she would evolve into an omnipotent herb.

All the creatures stared at the little girl.

A little more than an hour later, the intelligent semi-omnipotent herb finished its baptism.

The energy and rules of the nature gradually dissipated from around the little girl.

The little girl emitted a divine light. The fairy music echoed melodiously on the mountain.

The music was divine, as if it was celebrating the birth of a savior.

The fragrance of the omnipotent herb, which was intoxicating, spread far and wide.

Then, the little girl began to change. She was growing taller at a tremendous speed which shocked everyone.

In a short time, she turned into a beautiful girl of seventeen or eighteen years old. She was breathtaking with fair skin and fine features, like a fairy.

"What the hell?! "

Austin was both shocked and curious.

"This is amazing!

It has turned into an appealing girl!"

All the creatures standing nearby also exclaimed in amazement.

The sight of an intelligent semi-omnipotent herb turning into the omnipotent herb itself was rare occurrence.

But today, the creatures were fortunate enough to be there and witness this miracle.

"It evolved! It's a real omnipotent herb now!"

"Let's catch it!"

At that moment, all the creatures around got thrilled.

No one could remain calm when confronted by a real omnipotent herb!

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