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   Chapter 2389 Enter The Ancient Forbidden Land

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"The Immortal End World has just merged into an entire continent, though. There are still many things we need to do.

If we build a training base outside the Immortal End World, I'm afraid we won't have enough time to go to the Ancient Forbidden Land,"

said the soldier.

"That's right.

There are a lot of things to do here, in the Immortal End World.

After three years, the devil ancestor from the Third Demonic World would come in person.

We must strengthen ourselves before those three years are up.

In this way, we will have enough strength to fight back and protect ourselves when the time comes."

Elder Kevin nodded sedately.

"I'd like to go, sirs.

I'm the master of the Immortal End World. Inside it, I can use its power that is much stronger than mine.

However, if I continue to cultivate here, I may not make much progress.

I need to cultivate outside the Immortal End World, where the environment is ruthless and harsh.

It is the only way that I can make greater progress,"

Austin suddenly said, as determination burned in his eyes.

From the beginning, he was never the kind of person who would stay in his comfort zone. That was why he was so eager to explore the God's Burial Ground. He was immediately drawn to it as soon as he heard about it.

If the God's Burial Ground was truly in the Ancient Forbidden Land nearby, then he would have the chance to find it himself.

That would be a great stroke of luck for him.

Kevin, Zenith, and the soldier were all stunned by his daring attitude.

"Well, you are right.

In the Immortal End World, you can activate and use the energy of the whole world at will. You can be as powerful as an immortal king.

But that power comes from an external force. It is not something that comes from you.

You would need a strong mind to wield that much power. If not, it could act as a shackle that would limit your future cultivation. In the long run, it would prevent you from getting to a higher level.

This is why I agree with you."

The soldier nodded, giving his assent. He understood Austin's thoughts, so it was easy for him to agree.

Then, he took out an old parchment and handed it to Austin.

This was the item that the soldier obtained from a leader of the Evil Abyss World when he last visited the Ancient Forbidden Land with Austin.

"I've studied this map. It might be a map of the Ancient Forbidden Land.

Take it. It could be useful to you,"

said the soldier to Austin, who nodded back gratefully.

He put the old parchment into his Space Ring without any hesitation.

"Austin, if you really want to go into the Ancient Forbidden L

be careful.

With the use of his amazing physical strength, he could cross a distance of tens of thousands of meters with one step easily. It looked just like he was walking casually.

After half a day's journey in the jungle, Austin took out the parchment and studied it.

As he looked at it, he was sure that the map was about the Ancient Forbidden Land.

According to the signs on the map, Austin assumed that he had entered the Ancient Forbidden Land from the edge.

"It seems that the Ancient Forbidden Land is very vast.

But fortunately, it doesn't seem to be as dangerous as other people said,"

Austin muttered to himself as he moved forward.

"Wow, there are so many semi-omnipotent herbs!"

He stopped short, as he marveled at the bountiful natural resources that the land had.

It was a place lush with vegetation, and over a dozen creatures were running here and there.

He could see a rabbit that was as white as snow, a big turtle that looked like it was carved from jade, and even some children. They appeared at the foot of the mountain.

Although he was far away from them, he could see that the creatures were all transformed by semi-omnipotent herbs. It appeared that they were all intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs.

Semi-omnipotent herbs could also be found in the Immortal End World, although they were very rare.

Even rarer was the semi-omnipotent herb with intelligence.

Austin had only seen it once, in the Fallen Immortal World.

"Ha-ha! It's hard to say if there is something dangerous here in the Ancient Forbidden Land or not, but there are a lot of opportunities for sure."

Austin felt like he had lucked out. The semi-omnipotent herbs were expensive and unique. Of course, Austin would not let them go easily.

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