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   Chapter 2384 Fighting Fiercely

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Obviously, it was the first time the Pot of Chaos had suffered such a terrible large-scale attack, and to Austin's surprise it seemed to be completely activated. The Pot of Chaos began to erupt while emitting a yellow light and then suddenly there was a deafening noise coming from it.

"Is it possible that the Pot of Chaos is not only an ultimate magical treasure, but a magic weapon with a higher grade?"

Austin was both surprised and pleased.

With Austin's current strength, a common ultimate magical treasure was not something worth mentioning.

But Austin found the Pot of Chaos different. It seemed to have much more power that what it was assumed to have.

On the other side of the battlefield, three masters of the Immortal End World and more than a dozen masters of the foreign evil land were all paying close attention to what was happening on Austin's side.

They observed the yellow gas carefully. When they noticed that the yellow gas was coming from inside Austin's huge Pot of Chaos, they were astounded.

"Isn't that the omnipotent gas?!

Oh my god! How can it have so much omnipotent gas in it!"

Suddenly a strong man from the foreign evil land exclaimed when he recognized the yellow gas first.

"Yes, that is most definitely the powerful and elusive omnipotent gas!

It is said that the omnipotent gas is a kind of special gas that was born at the beginning of earth and is very precious.

I didn't expect this human kid to possess such a rare kind of treasure and more so, so much of the omnipotent gas!"

another powerful man from the foreign evil land also exclaimed and stared at Austin with passionate eyes.

"Austin seems to be really lucky. He always has some interesting stuff.

It seems that he has more treasures with him than we thought,"

Master Kevin commented with a smile.


Austin roared with murderous will.

"Boom!" An ear splitting explosion was heard across the area.

Following the explosion, a huge cyan golden dragon, more than a hundred thousand miles long, appeared all of a sudden. Its huge body was glinting with a cold metallic luster.

This was Austin's unique skill, the Dragon Formula.

After absorbing the natural energy in the Immortal End World, he could convert it into the power of the Dragon Formula which would become tens of thousands of times greater than what it used to be in the past.


The dragon roared, and an extremely horrible great dragon aura swept through this sky. It was so powerful that all the creatures could clearly feel a sense of oppression from the depths of their souls.

Anyone who was within vicinity felt the oppression and had an impulse to kneel down and surrender.

The dragon stretched out its claws and swung its tail which was much thicker than a mountain as it swept across the sky. It was a magnificent creature.

Instantly, thousands of foreign evil demons who were nearby were crushed to ashes.

"Kill him!"

The other foreign evil demons that were standing far from Austin, immediately replenished their strength and continued to rush towa

turns out that I grossly underestimated their strength.

Fine, it seems that I have to bring my real body to come to the Immortal End World and take matters into my own hands,"

the demon silently muttered to himself.

At the same time, outside the Immortal End World.

In the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World, there was an ancient palace shrouded with a strong evil aura in the depths of the void.

An evil demon which looked a little old sat in the palace with his eyes closed.

The evil demon was actually the ancestor of the Third Demonic World.

In the Third Demonic World, he was the strongest and most honorable cultivator.

He had orchestrated and was the main cause of the invasion in the Immortal End World.

"Well, I'll just cultivate to consolidate my demonic energy all over again and then after three years, I'll go to the Immortal End World by myself.

After my detailed research and deductive reasoning for so many years, I am sure that the evil ancestral tree is definitely in the Immortal End World.

Only if we find the evil ancestral tree, can we survive in the Third Demonic World,"

the ancestor of the Third Demonic World sighed with resignation.

"But we have worked so hard to break the seal in the Immortal End World. We can't waste this opportunity.

Otherwise, after three years, the law power of the heaven and earth in the Immortal End World would be completely restored, and it would take a lot more efforts to break in once again,"

the evil ancestor murmured to himself.

Then he waved his hand.


A small black tree flew out from his sleeve, emitting a lot of evil energy, and it also possessed a dark demonic evil aura around it, surging crazily.


he uttered while pointing at the tree.

The small black tree quivered slightly and disappeared in the palace.

The next moment, in the vast universe outside the Immortal End World, a giant black diabolic tree which was originally the small black tree, charged towards the Immortal End World at a terrifying speed.

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