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   Chapter 2381 The Master Of The New Continent

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Austin felt exhaustion settle over him. He laid flat on the altar platform, as he gasped desperately for air.

It had been a long time since the Immortal End World had been shattered and separated into broken continents.

To top that off, the distance between the broken continents was expansive.

The Protectors had to forcefully summon all those continents together.

What an enormous feat it was!

Although the summoning altars that were built with huge resources took the spotlight, the sacrifice that the Protectors made was also noteworthy.

At this moment, Austin noticed that the altar beneath him had turned dim and lackluster.

It seemed that the energy of the altar had been completely drained.

'Anyway, we have already succeeded in merging the continents, ' he thought with relief.

"Everyone, we did it!"

Austin joyfully proclaimed through his spiritual sense.

'Um? What's going on?'

Austin wondered when none of the Protectors answered him.

He was shocked when he saw the other thirty-three Protectors. They were on their respective altars, quiet and stock-still.

All of them sat cross-legged, like the monks who were chanting.

Even their life auras were growing faint.

"Are they dead?"

Austin was disquieted by the sight. This was so far from the joyful revelry that he had expected to wake up to.

His eyes widened in alarm when he saw the true state of the auras of the Protectors' spiritual souls.

The auras looked so weak and unsteady, as if they could die at any moment.

'It seems that their vitality had been drained.

They consumed almost all of their blood essence, '

Austin thought when he recognized what was wrong with the Protectors.

At this time, great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm suddenly appeared. They rushed into each of the altars, one after another. They methodically checked the state of the Protectors, as Austin watched.

Thankfully, Kevin had the insight to arrange for two great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm to protect each of the Protectors. They stayed nearby just in case.

For Austin, he was assigned two great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm too. Corbin and Jay had been protecting him earlier.

However, Corbin betrayed his associates and killed Jay. In the end, Austin had to kill Corbin himself.

"It looks like they've used up all their blood essence. They're only alive due to their strong wills.

Now that the merging of the continents has succeeded, they could rest. Once they have relaxed, they will immediately enter a state of suspended animation. However, any breath they take could be their last.

We must seal them first, and then w

ul. They were the top masters among the immortal kings of the Immortal End World.

However, the foreign demons were also quite powerful.

On top of that, they had the advantage of numbers.

For a while, the fight between the two sides persisted fiercely.

As soon as Austin appeared, all their eyes gravitated toward him.

"Sirs, all the continents of the Immortal End World have been successfully merged into a complete continent!"

Austin said excitedly.


Well done, Austin!"

Kevin had already sensed it earlier, but he was delighted to hear it from Austin himself.

The soldier and Zenith couldn't help but smile too, as they glanced at each other.

When the Immortal End World became a complete continent, its impact had been tremendous.

There was no doubt that the event would be a turning point for the future. It was a milestone that would forever be marked in the history of the Immortal End World.

"I didn't do it on my own. The other Protectors also made important contributions.

Without their cooperation, I wouldn't complete such a huge project on my own."

At the thought of the other Protectors, Austin could not help but feel a little dejected. He wondered if they were still unconscious, and if they were still alive.

"That's right.

They also sacrificed a lot.

Don't worry! I will endeavor to heal them all,"

Kevin reassured him.

Even before Austin told him, he had been already aware of the other Protectors' state.

As Austin and the others talked, the strong foreign demons listened in. Their faces were overcast as they heard the bad news that the Immortal End World had become a complete continent.

They even started to sense that the laws of heaven and earth in the Immortal End World started restraining them.

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