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   Chapter 2379 Looking Down Upon The Immortal End World

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6053

Updated: 2020-03-12 07:59

The ancient city appeared out of nowhere and emitted golden light.

An aura of age and season spread all around it.

For a long time, the ancient city had been hidden in the void outside the Immortal End World to guard it.

Some old living beings from top-notch sects had heard about the city.

Now they were seeing it with their own eyes.

Many of them could not help bursting into tears.

Then, a soldier appeared above the ancient city and looked down at the evil creatures.

"You are all going to die here," he bellowed with fiery eyes.

He was clad in armor and held a sharp spear.

He gave off a powerful aura, making him look unstoppable.

"City Trapping Array!"

the soldier yelled.

Then, tall, solid walls emerged from the void.

They emitted golden light and slowly stretched.

They extended up so high that even immortal kings could not breach them. Soon, the top of the walls became impossible to see.

The space got slowly enclosed by the tall walls.

Soon, the area was closed off from the outside.

The ancient city was in the center.

It was shining more brightly now and shrouded by divine law.

The soldier wore a determined expression. He looked as if no one could get past him.

All the creatures of the Immortal End World and the troops of the three enemy races were stuck inside the walls.

"Damn it! We got stuck in an array!"

Those strongest cultivators among the foreign troops bristled.

There was no way out now.

It was already too late when they realized what had happened.

The ancient city was already there when the fighting started.

The soldier of the ancient city had summoned the City Trapping Array secretly before he showed up.

The ancient city was the foundation of the City Trapping Array.

The ancient city was forg

"Another immortal king!

He is stronger than many cultivators of his level!"

The strong alien creatures stared at the soldier with fear all over their faces.

They could tell that the soldier was a formidable opponent.

'Maybe we have underestimated the Immortal End World, '

they thought to themselves.

They thought Kevin was the most powerful creature in the Immortal End World.

Therefore, the leaders of the abyss demon race, the skeleton race, and the heaven shadow race had only sent several powerful masters.

They were convinced that they could conquer the Immortal End World with little force.

But now three immortal kings of the Immortal End World had popped out.

There was also a powerful City Trapping Array.

In the Dusk Mountain, Austin got a message from Kevin. He learned about the situation.

"That's great news," Austin said through his spiritual sense.

He was both surprised and pleased.

"Ha-ha, looks like we can get through this,"

Austin said, finally relaxing a little.

At this point, the thirty-four continents of the Immortal End World were approaching one another faster.

They were close now.

They were about to be merged into one.

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