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   Chapter 2378 It Was That City (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6109

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the surrounding space, all the foreign evil creatures, who were affected by the black energy, shook and collapsed on the ground.

Zenith, now surrounded by the infinite tide of black energy, looked mysterious and powerful at the same moment.

"What is going on? ...

Is that legend true?"

Kevin narrowed his eyes at the sight and murmured.

"The legend of the death king? This monk has become the legendary death king!"

Suddenly, the leader of the Third Demonic World roared in disbelief.

The death race was a mysterious species in the legend.

It was said that members of death race preserved their soul and mind in their corpses, and then they cultivated death energy and slowly turned from dead bodies to new independent creatures.

And the death king was the top master of the race.

A death king was as powerful as an immortal king.

"The death king? Zenith, you have actually refined your body to that level and become a death king!"

Elder Kevin was both surprised and pleased to see Zenith had become the death king.

"Hmm, the death king! You're no longer a human now. You even have made a conflict with the divine law in the Immortal End World. Why are you still defending the Immortal End World?"

A cold voice came from a huge shade and addressed Zenith.

Vaguely, in this huge shade stood a black-cloaked man whose body was constantly twisting like a swirling shadow.

This man was the leader of the heaven shadow race.

"The Immortal End World is always my home,"

Zenith replied coldly.

"Hmm, but even with an immortal king and a death king, you can't save the Immortal End World now."

A man in blue strode towards Zenith quickly.

This man in blue was the leader of the skeleton race, Baber.

"Yes. There are more than ten members as powerful

ificed too much blood essence.

Some of the Protectors even had reached the point of death.

Summoning dozens of lands that had been separated from each other could be imagined to be a huge project.

The sacrifice of the thirty-four Protectors was truly unimaginable.

Just then, all of a sudden everyone who was fighting heard a voice.

"You evil clowns from foreign evil worlds!"

A sound like a thunderbolt boomed through the air.

His voice was loud and clear, and as grand as the sun and the moon.

Then, a city emerged. Hanging in midair covering the whole space, it cast a large shadow over the land. The shadow soon turned into boundless gleaming light and thrust it in every direction.

The light was dazzling with divine runes around it. It was extremely powerful and seemed to have appeared from ancient times. It seemed as if the light could even shake off times including the past, the present and the future. Gradually the whole world lit up.

"It is that city. That ancient city that has been secretly guarding this Immortal End World!"

Some older creatures among the members of the Immortal End World seemed to have remembered something. They all began crying and shouting aloud.

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