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   Chapter 2377 It Was That City (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6141

Updated: 2020-03-12 07:59

"Go to hell, Black Evil Lord!"

Kevin snarled as he stepped forward. His voice boomed across the field. The space around him shook violently as his feet landed on the ground.

A beam of dazzling divine light rushed out of his body. It was brilliantly vibrant like a terrifying fighting aura that was unleashed from his body. The blinding aura almost burned down the whole space.

Boom! A loud sound echoed all around when Kevin stepped forward.

Kevin started his brilliant fight. At that moment he seemed invincible, He waved his power-surging fists. And the entire nature followed suit. He punched hard with the huge amount of power that even the sun, the moon and the stars shook in the sky!

The fight went on. The rumbling and clattering sounds of the fight echoed through the ground and the sky. It was horrifying and charged with full intensity.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign evil creatures were all attacked at the same time. The divine aura and the blinding light turned everything to ashes. Many demons nearby turned to broken bones and a bloody mess.

Kevin fought with his entire strength. His fighting aura killed a large group of creatures from foreign evil worlds.

However, Kevin's real aim was the Black Evil Lord. He now turned towards him. His fist was wrapped in the bright divine radiance as he thrust it towards the Black Evil Lord.

"You old man!" the Black Evil Lord snarled viciously. "Do you really think you are still the invincible immortal king as before?

You are only a cripple whom I can kill in any minute!"

The Black Evil Lord became as furious as hell. Casting an enraged glance at Kevin, he roared viciously.

His ferocious eyes gleamed as he clasped his hands. And in the blink of an eye, eighty-one black evil dragons emerged out of nowhere. They all roared in unison and rus

mmortal End World was where Kevin came from. So the environment here was more advantageous to Kevin.

"Master Kevin has actually regained most of his strength as an immortal king.


We have a real immortal king in our Immortal End World again!"

All the members on the side of the Immortal End World cheered aloud once they heard that.

They were exhilarated and Kevin's victory over the evil creature boosted their morale.

Kevin finally set out morale for everyone who fought. The morale was very important for everyone.

"Ha! Ha! You stunned them, Kevin.

You've been hiding cleverly all these years.

And that is enough to shock these clowns of foreign evil worlds!"

Zenith said in the distance and laughed happily. He was really overjoyed to see Kevin win the war.

"In that case, I won't hold back anymore!"

Zenith laughed heartily hearing that.


Suddenly waves of black energy gushed out of Zenith's body, overwhelming and crushing the entire sky.

The inexhaustible black energy let the space around Zenith collapse altogether.

The area of hundreds of thousands of miles around Zenith turned hellish. It turned so cold that people felt their souls freeze at once.

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