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   Chapter 2375 Abnormal Phenomena

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In the Immortal End World, the thirty four continents were moving faster and faster. Loud voice shook the whole world.

The thirty four Protectors including Austin were working hard on their tasks.

The foreign troops from another world were approaching quickly. The moment was critical for the survival of the world itself.

If the thirty four continents were to merge into one, it would change the very fabric of the Immortal End World.

The rules of the land and the laws of heaven and earth would then become complete.

The Immortal End World was a majestic land governed by divine laws.

It was not kind to outsiders, especially creatures that embodied evil within their spirit.

"Come on!" bellowed the thirty-three Protectors at the top of their voices.

They transmitted their vital energy and spiritual sense into their blood. Then they spilt the blood on the original energy essence of the continent.

They stood up on the altar, their long shadows falling menacingly upon the land. Their clothes fluttered in the wind. Blood soaked through the material and even dripped from the ends of their disheveled hair.

While this was happening on the ground, warships from different continents across the Immortal End World moved towards the same spot in the depths of the sky.

Somewhere in the depths of the Immortal End World, Kevin and Zenith were floating in the air, staring gravely at the crack that had formed in the space. Anxiety was visible clearly across their face as they realized that the crack was expanding rapidly.

Once this crack became wider, the troops belonging to the three races would break into their world and stopping them would be very difficult.

A large number of warships approached the dome.

Large masses of creatures rushed out from these warships and lined up in the air. They stood haphazardly and spread all over.

More and more creatures joined them with every passing moment.

Almost twelve hours passed, warships and creatures crowded every inch of space inside the dome.

There were more than one hundred millions of people there. From afar, they seemed like ants clamoring for space.

They had come from different continents of the Immortal End World. They all belonged to different forces.

"Look! There is a crack over there! Will our enemies enter our world through

choice to fight for their homeland. Even if it meant they had to sacrifice their lives, they were ready.

If they ran away from this battle, they'd be traitors.

At this point, all the living creatures of the Immortal End World in front of the dome put aside their fear and prepared their hearts for battle.

"I'd rather die than be a coward!"

someone shouted loudly, pumping the crowd.

"I'd rather die than be a coward!"

"I'd rather die than be a coward!"

The war cries echoed in the air. In the end, everyone yelled out these words in unison. Their voices shook the entire Immortal End World.

The whole Immortal End World was in the frenzy of imminent war.

Wind, snow, lightning, thunder and rain appeared at the same time. It seemed as if the world was releasing its own rage upon the outside forces.

All the living beings in the Immortal End World were astonished to see the sky, the earth, the ocean and even the space rumble.

The roars of the world rang together with the battle cries of the people. It really felt as though their world itself was going to fight beside the living creatures of the Immortal End World. This reassured the creatures that were going out to fight. They felt their Gods were on their side after all.

"Oh, our god listened to our prayers!"

"Yes, yes! You're right!"

"Our Immortal End World will emerge victorious!"

All the creatures in the Immortal End World suddenly felt like the odds were in their favor. This was exactly the encouragement they needed to set their fears aside for real.

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