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   Chapter 2374 Ready To Fight

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At that time, the allied forces of the three races, who were outside the Immortal End World, had combined their assault and were hitting on a single spot on the dome that shielded the planet below them.

Suddenly, five of them seemed shaken by something.

These five were the ones who had sent their avatars to take down Austin whom they had sensed inside a cave.

They had felt a strong vibration which implied that their connection with the avatars had been broken.

'Damn it! My avatar got destroyed, '

they thought in unison, both frightened and angry at the same time.

It had cost them a lot of demonic energy to create an avatar.

With the avatars gone, they would have to cultivate for at least a dozen years to gather enough energy for the creation of another avatar.

In any case, they rushed forward in unison and reported what had transpired in the Immortal End World to Black Evil Emperor who was in charge of the troops of the Third Demonic World. This included the merging of the continents and the destruction of the demonic avatar.

"What did you say? They have managed to merge so many continents?

Dammit! That's bad news for us! We have got to break that seal as soon as possible.

If they somehow manage to merge all the 44 continents, then who knows how many laws and rules will come into being? We'll lose all the edge of strength we have if that happens,"

Blood Evil Emperor told the leaders of the skeleton and heaven shadow races with a grave face. He was right. The others agreed.

"You make a good point."

The others responded in unison. Trouble was, the seal was taking too much time to break.

"If that is the case, I think I'll not hold back on using my secret weapon anymore."

With that, the man in blue who was in charge of the troops of the skeleton race strode forward.

Then, he stretched his hand, and a golden hand-bell materialized inside his palm with a crisp sound.

It was glowing brilliantly, but was sinister.

The space in front of it was being cracked open by its sounds. Its power was fearsome even to his own troops.

This was a top-grade magic weapon of the skeleton race, which had been made by their best and most powerful master. It held terrifying power and potential.

As the leader extended his hand, the bell hit the dome that was produced by the seal and the latter shook suddenly with an angry and defiant tone.

A small crack appeared where the bell hit the dome.

Now t

ny second now.

"There is an enemy invasion. Get ready to fight!"

"Kill the invaders! Make our home safe!"

Very soon, all the forces in the Immortal End World had rounded up their best and worst men to get ready for battle. Today, everyone was friends!

They knew that they had no other choice but to fight back, and fight back together.

Everyone knew that foreign enemies had invaded their land. And there was no chance for them.

Both sides were mortal enemies, and it was impossible for any sort of peace treaty to be held.

The living creatures from each continent were highly spirited now.

"Every single continent on the Immortal End World, stand together. We will lead the way and fight with blood and sweat! Emerge right now," the thirty-four Protectors snarled.

They were sitting cross-legged on a summoning altar. As if performing some sort of ritual, they bit the tip of their tongues until blood came out. They spilled their blood essence on the original energy source of their continents.

Under that action, a roar spread all over the Immortal End World.

These Protectors were the masters of the Immortal End World. Their voices and wills could shake continents and bring down skies.

The order they gave reached each continent of the Immortal End World.

Within ten seconds, thirty four continents began to shake.

Then they began to move simultaneously.

Gradually, they got close to each other. Their speed was increasing every moment. They would merge real soon.

Austin was also on one of those continents.

The remaining thirty three continents were moving towards the one where Austin was.

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