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   Chapter 2373 Slaughter

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6654

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The great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm and the evil creatures were still in the cave deep in the Dusk Mountain. As the mountains and the ground shook, they felt dispirited and disappointed.

"He still did it,"

they muttered.

They had rushed into the cave to kill Austin and prevent the continents from merging.

Since all of them were at the Immortal Transforming Realm and there were five avatars of strong evil creatures, they were convinced that taking Austin down would be easy.

But things went south.

Austin's strength and trump cards were far stronger than they had imagined.

"I finally did it!"

Austin exclaimed, jumping to his feet and smiling.

The eleven continents that had been separated for a long time were quickly merging into one.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ten clouds of different continent's original energy essence emitted gray light and flew toward Austin from different directions. They integrated with the original energy essence of the continent above his head.

At the same time, Austin's ten avatars popped out beside him and flew into him.

Endless energy of the nature flew towards Austin.

In order to help the eleven continents merge into one, Austin had sacrificed his own blood essence.

Now, the eleven continents had been successfully combined into a new one. As the master of this new continent, Austin could easily use its infinite energy.

He had gotten much thinner since he had consumed so much blood essence. Now that energy kept entering his body, he began going back to normal.

A great deal of flesh and blood regrew under his skin.

In a heartbeat, Austin regained his blood essence and reached his peak state.

Everything was back to normal including his body, vital energy force, and spiritual sense.

"This is our world. I will not allow your evil array here," Austin declared.

His eyes were as sharp as daggers. He gave off a powerful vibe and looked invincible.

An evil creature ha

om the outside were planning to hit the Immortal End World, he had not expected them to act so soon.

'The living creatures of the Immortal End World are weak. We're not prepared for this.

Once the enemies breach the dome, it would be a complete disaster, ' Austin pondered.

"I'm on it," Austin finally replied.

Austin sat down on the altar again and then released his spiritual sense to communicate with the other thirty-three continents of the Immortal End World.

At this moment, Kevin and Zenith were floating somewhere in the Immortal End World, looking at the vast space in front of them.

A voice rang from deep inside the space they were watching.

Also, in that space was a visible crack.

"Looks like powerful beings outside the Immortal End World are attacking the seal," Kevin said seriously.

He stared at the crack while keeping his anxiety at bay.

"You're right."

Zenith nodded in agreement.

Both of them had been immortal kings since ancient times.

They had been there when the peerless cultivators created the seal.

The two of them knew very well about the seal that shielded the Immortal End World.

Kevin and Zenith stared ahead. The crack indicated that the seal would not hold for long and soon, madness, despair, and death would descend upon the Immortal End World.

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