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   Chapter 2370 Merging The Eleven Continents

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7121

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No living creature in the Immortal End World was aware of what was happening outside the world.

The Immortal End World was made of forty-four continents.

These continents were floating in this endless galaxy around them.

The Immortal End World was under a dome, which was formed by a seal.

The dome cut off the Immortal End World from other worlds. People inside could not leave, and outsiders could not enter.

In the ancient times, there was a space barrier that protected the Immortal End Continent.

Then, foreign enemy forces broke the Immortal End Continent into pieces and destroyed the space barrier.

As a result, the Immortal End World was exposed.

Without the protection of the space barrier, outsiders could invade the Immortal End World anytime.

Then, powerful, mysterious masters who appeared out of nowhere used their omnipotent skills to form a solid dome after helping the living creatures of the Immortal End World expel their enemies in a fierce battle.

The dome then took the space barrier's place and had since guarded the world.

There were plenty of little black dots in the star cluster of the Immortal End World. They were unnoticeable.

There were more than one hundred thousand of them in total.

These small black dots were invisible due to special, profound arrays. Even great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm had trouble spotting them.

These black dots were, in fact, small evil arrays.

Each of them was protected by a black-robed human.

Time quickly passed.

Then, out of the blue, all the guardians of the small evil arrays received a message.

They each took out a small, black, cloth bag

and threw it at the array.

The small black bag instantly enlarged in the air, and living creatures fell out of them and got impaled on the arrays.

Since the living beings were sealed, they were unable to move at all for their lives.

The arrays absorbed their bones and blood.

Then, each evil array emitted a thick black light that shot toward the heavens.

At last, a hundred thousand beams of black light focused on the same spot of the dom

s duty.

Once the forty-four continents of the Immortal End World were merged into one, the divine law would be more powerful, making all the living creatures in the Immortal End World stronger.

The evil creatures would then have a difficult time to invade.

Austin splashed blood essence on the original energy essence of the continent.

"Be quick!" Austin yelled.

In the Dusk Mountain, there were two great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

They were Jay and Corbin.

They were sitting cross legged at the top of the mountain above Austin's cave.

All of a sudden, a black demonic hand popped out of nowhere and hit Corbin in the back.

Caught off guard, Corbin was not able to dodge the attack.

Screaming, Corbin was thrown forward, almost losing the upper half of his body.

He hit a nearby mountain, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive.


A tall evil creature appeared.


Jay was shocked.

Corbin was as powerful as he, but the evil creature defeated him with one move.

It meant that the evil creature was a formidable opponent.

Jay rushed to Corbin's side. He attempted to check if his companion was alive.

Suddenly, the evil creature dashed over and released his evil aura to attack Jay.

"Fuck off!"

Enraged, Jay turned around in a bid to fight his enemy.

Then, Corbin suddenly got up and hit Jay in the back of his head.

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