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   Chapter 2369 The Immortal End World Was In Chaos

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7321

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After roaring for a while, the black giant suddenly managed to grab the golden sword in his belly. Then, he tried to pull it out of his body.

In the past, he wouldn't have had the courage nor the ability to get this golden sword out of his body.

He had gotten excited and was trying to get rid of the sword as if he was on drugs.

Black evil aura was burning all over his body.

He was burning his blood essence to generate energy so that he could pull the golden sword out of his body.

As he burned his blood essence, his body shrank dramatically. At last, when his body was half of its original size, he drew out the huge golden sword.

Then, he soared into the sky.

At the same moment, people in the Middle World Waters of Prime Martial World saw a black giant rise into the sky.

The immense dark evil aura that the giant was emitting spread out in an instant and dyed everything within a hundred thousand miles black.

The same phenomenon was occurring in every corner of Immortal End World.

All sorts of fiends, demons, and goblins that had been sealed in the Immortal End World were regaining their freedom.

Not only were strange things happening in the 44 continents, but something was also going on in the sky above them.

Black evil aura covered the sky, making the world go dim.

Countless demons and monsters howled madly as they escaped their long-time chains, and excitedly wandered around, thrusting the whole Immortal End World into chaos.

"Look, there is a devil!"

"Oh no, the evil creatures are coming!"

"Oh my God! Is this the end of Immortal End World?"

the living beings in Immortal End World shouted in worry.

All hell had begun to break loose.

The evil beings killed many living creatures in the Immortal End World, but the latter soon began to fight back.

The strongest cultivators of the different races started to organize their people to fight against the demons and monsters.

A tumult was raging within the area of the Immortal End World.

Meanwhile, in the Dusk Mountain of Vermilion World, Kevin was staying with Austin to protect him.

All of a sudden, he sensed something amiss.

Raising his eyebrows,

nic runes painted on his body. He looked powerful enough to destroy the world with a single move.

The next second, a machete materialized in his hand.

This machete could absorb the spiritual soul of any creature it touched.

Under the awed gazes of the evil creatures, the huge evil creature thrust his arm forward.

The machete in his hand flew across the sky and hit the dome that protected the Immortal End World.

Instantly, an immense evil aura appeared alongside the golden light that soared into the sky, which seemed to be cracking under the impact of these two opposing forces.

Blood Evil Emperor turned around and looked at the people of the other races.

"Everyone, after years of research, our race has found a weak point in the seal that protects the Immortal End World.

We need to focus on attacking this weak spot!" he announced.

Then, the three leaders gave orders to their respective races.

"Let's get started!"

they ordered.

All the members of the three races simultaneously launched attacks on the weak spot that had been identified.

The three leaders had communicated with one another before setting out and agreed to bring along the most powerful magic treasures of their races with them.

Now, as they used these mysterious and powerful magic treasures to launch attacks, the whole star cluster shook, and numerous stars nearby turned into ashes due to the impact.

It was a horrible scene to watch.

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