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   Chapter 2368 The Change

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"Okay. Let's hear the news."

As he spoke, he stretched out a finger and waved it in the air.

With a snapping sound, a crack appeared in the air.

A black altar fell down from the crack and floated in front of him.

"Looks like the Third Demonic World has made a lot of preparations to attack the Immortal End World."

The leaders of the other two races came closer.

The altar was shining with a brilliant black light.

Then, an illusory human figure appeared on the altar.

"Greetings, Messengers!"

the human courteously greeted.

It was obvious that he was in awe of the evil creatures.

"What news do you bring?"

the Blood Evil Emperor asked.

"Kevin is now carrying out the plan of merging the continents,"

the human said.

"They are still in the process of it.


We have to take action. We cannot let them succeed in merging the forty-four continents of the Immortal End World.

Otherwise, the laws of heaven and earth in the Immortal End World would immediately recover.

By that time, when our strong warriors enter the area, they will be suppressed,"

the Blood Evil Emperor roared.

"You must do as you were ordered.

Sabotage Kevin's plan.

And we will launch an attack from the outside.

This is the perfect opportunity. If we act now, we will definitely take that old man by surprise."

The Blood Evil Emperor grinned.

"Yes, sir,"

the human answered respectfully.

Then, he disappeared.

In an underground cave in the Immortal End World, an evil aura was surging.

On the altar in the cave stood a human.

He was a powerful great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

"You have heard the lord of the evil force's orders.

We have to take action as soon as possible.

Pass the word around right away.

Get everyone

th stirred.

All kinds of creatures with terrible evil aura soared into the sky.

Many crows flew out of the Land of Life-and-death and blotted out the sun.

They were crows with a human face and bird beaks. Their black talons were as sharp as daggers.

They were more than a meter long and with feathers as dark as ink. The aura around them was so suffocating like it was coming from the darkest corners of hell.

A troop of demonic monkeys that was also oozing with evil aura rushed out of the Land of Life-and-Death.

Countless sorts of monsters also dashed out.

In the Prime Martial World, deep in the Middle World Waters, there were boundless, ancient ruins of a battlefield.

In the middle of those ruins laid a sleeping giant.

There was a huge sword inserted in the dark giant's body.

The sword suppressed the giant.

Austin had seen this dark giant before.

It was in this ancient battlefield under the sea that Austin obtained his Invincible Bow.

The eyes of this giant had been closed for a long time.

However, at this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!

Kill all the low-born creatures within the Immortal End World!"

the giant roared.

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