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   Chapter 2367 The Beginning Of The Plan

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It was said that in the Dusk Mountain of the Vermilion World that could be found in the Immortal End World, there was a huge cave right at the foot of the mountain.

In the altar nestled deep in the cave, Austin sat cross legged on top of it and made a strange gesture with his hands.

Austin combed through his Soul Sea for the secret technique of summoning continents that Elder Kevin gave him not too long ago, even if it did feel like entire lifetimes away.

The entire Immortal End World was carefully probed by Austin's spiritual sense.

It took a while but eventually, Austin's spiritual sense told him that there were ten continents at the other end of the space. Each one was quite far away from him.

There was an altar on each of the continent and they were all identical.

A mirror image of Austin sitting cross legged appeared on top of each altar.

In total, there were eleven Austin who sat on an altar in each of the eleven continents.

But out of the eleven Austin on the eleven continents, only the Austin who was in the Vermilion World was the real him.

Each Austin who sat on the ten other altars were avatars condensed by Austin's spiritual soul energy that Elder Kevin extracted.

The original energy essence of the continent hovered over Austin's real body and all his avatars.

Now that the Austin in the Vermilion World had made contact with his ten avatars, they felt more connected and could now clearly feel each other's existence.

"Let's begin,"

Austin murmured to himself and all his avatars.

At the exact same time, his main body and the ten avatars bit their tongues and let the purest blood essence of their blood spray out.

The brightly shining blood essence sprayed onto the original energy essence of the continent above their heads.

"Eleven continents with eleven original energy essences, take the path of my blood, use my vital energy force as your drive... return to me!"

Austin's voice echoed in the cave as a strange force powered his voice. The sound wave rose over space and covered everything until the very end of the space that was far away.


The eleven altars violently shook from the sheer force and the brilliant fairy light that glittered like the sea rushed straight up to the depths of the

citement he was feeling.

"Great! The eleven continents Austin's in charge of have begun to merge!"

As Austin did his job, there were also thirty-three altars in each of the rest continents in the Immortal End World.

Each altar had a Protector sitting at the ready.

Several powerful great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm was at each altar.

At that moment, everyone who took part in the plan let out a bright and echoing cheer.

In the Immortal End World, in another underground cave on one of the many continents of the world, strong evil aura boiled over and tainted the walls of the cavern.

Many powerful magic arrays were carefully arranged in the cave.

The magic arrays completely covered the evil aura within the cave.

Even the master of the continent wouldn't be able to sense the very existence of the cave.

In a snap, four or five figures rushed into the cave at top speed.

One of them stopped in front of the cavern and shot his energy into a dark array.


The cave rumbled and the array immediately activated.

Outside the Immortal End World, the combined forces of the three great worlds waited for something to happen in the space near the Immortal End World.

Many warships were suspended in the region and had terrible energy pressure that spanned hundreds of thousands of miles around them.

"Blood Evil Emperor, news just came from the Immortal End World!"

A tall evil creature with a cruel expression hurried to the Blood Evil Emperor and reported.

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