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   Chapter 2366 Foreign Troops Are Coming

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6501

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In another star cluster, there were a few hundred huge warships flying among the stars.

The warships were of various colors and had a strange look about them.

Most of the beings in these warships were huge skeletons that looked exactly like human skeletons, except they weren't.

Their eye sockets were filled with scarlet flames.

Apart from them, there were also some beings with flesh and blood in these warships, and they looked exactly like humans.

However, these humanoids were actually advanced members of the skeleton race.

The skeleton race was a special race found in this star cluster.

Their initial form was the form of a skeleton without any flesh and blood.

However, as they became stronger, they would evolve and take on a human-like form with flesh and blood.

In one of the warships, a tall man who was clad in blue clothes burst into laughter.

"Those bastards of the abyss demon race are getting impatient. They want to attack the Immortal End World right now," he announced brightly.

He looked exactly like a human, but his eyes were red. These red eyes were the only feature that distinguished the members of the skeleton race from other species.

"Lord Baber, the abyss demon race invited us to attack that world as well. I am worried that they will use us to deal with the creatures in that world,"

one of the skeletons said to the man in blue.

The man in blue laughed even more wildly than before.

"It doesn't matter. Once we take Immortal End World, we will nab all the treasures.

A big world like that must have a lot of resources.

After we plunder it, we will leave immediately.

It doesn't matter whether they think they're using us or not!" the man in blue responded.

"You have a good point, Lord Baber!" the other skeletons said in a pleased tone.

They all broke out into laughter then.

Similarly, in another star cluster, huge stars were quietly suspended in t

ps simultaneously advanced in the direction of the Immortal End World.

A while later, they came across endless beams of dazzling golden light rising into the sky, illuminating the entire star cluster nearby.

The place enveloped by the light was sealed by divine law.

The area was also covered by numerous shining runes that prevented the troops from moving forward.

In fact, the troops were shocked when they sensed the tremendous power coming from the area.

Even from afar, they could see the dome that was emitting the golden light.

This dome, which was produced by the seal, covered the entire Immortal End World.

"As long as we break this seal, we can enter the Immortal End World,"

the three leaders said in excitement as they stared at the dome ahead.

However, they didn't notice the small stretch of land hidden in the void nearby.

Inside this hidden stretch of land was an ancient city.

And inside that city, a soldier sat with his eyes closed, engrossed in his meditation.

All of a sudden, fire appeared on the beacon tower and smoke rose into the air.

The soldier's eyes flew open. As soon as the soldier saw the scene in front of him, his face hardened and his eyes turned alert.

"Alien troops are coming!"

he murmured to himself solemnly.

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