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   Chapter 2364 The End Of Cultivation

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Austin patiently read the interpretation of the laws of the world, especially the parts concerning the law of metal.

'That's right. It seems that the law of metal is indeed a profound one, '

Austin marveled in his mind.

According to his understanding, it seemed that the laws of the world used the simplest and most primitive runes from heaven and earth to establish all sorts of ultimate meanings.

With no other texts, intricate formulas, or martial art skills, it only utilized the simplest and the most traditional runes to draw the various original laws of this world. It explained the nature of the greatest truths in the most natural way it could!

After a while of sitting cross-legged and eyes closed, Austin was able to obtain a lot of information.

A few days later, and he was still fully immersed in studying the text.

Austin had repeatedly read the law of metal for dozens of times that he could cite it even with his eyes closed.

"The law of metal... metal... a form of energy..."

Austin muttered it once more.

Suddenly, after a couple of tries, he found himself in a world created by the law of metal.

It was in total chaos and closed in all directions.

In this vast and starry universe, the law of metal evolved continuously and turned into all sorts of matter. However, it turned out it was eventually built into an ancient world made up of the law of metal.

Those massive worlds kept changing rapidly in front of Austin.

"It turned out that the law of metal alone could evolve into so many complex things of a world.

'Could it be that when all kinds of attribute laws were pushed to the extreme, a world could be created?'

Austin could not help but remember a sentence he had heard when he was still on earth.

'One is the child of the divine law. After one comes two; after two comes three; after three comes all things.'

This sentence was said by Lao Zi, a great philosopher in the Spring and Autumn Period on the earth.

Right at the moment, Austin suddenly had the urge to use what Lao Zi said to test his understanding of the law of metal.

"Rules, laws, and law power in the world seem to be profound and complicated, but actually, they are so simple,"

Austin muttered.

He seemingly had some sort of conclusion and eventually found enlightenment.

Because of this, Austin focused on studying in the meditation room of the golden attribute.

Not wanting to be disturbed, he locked himself in there for days.



the great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm around said and nodded in approval. "What?!

This guy's spiritual sense is..."

When Master Kevin's spiritual sense felt Austin's body, he was stupefied at his post.

Master Kevin found that Austin's spiritual sense seemed to be very much more potent than before. Peculiarly and remarkably, an intense spiritual sense pressure was emitting from Austin.

Yet, at the same time, Master Kevin also found it impossible for him to sense the power of Austin's spiritual sense accurately.

When his spiritual sense tried to penetrate Austin's Soul Sea, it was separated by a kind of terrible force.

"Even I can't sense it. Is there any magic treasure of spiritual sense in this guy's Soul Sea?"

Kevin surmised in amazement.

This was the first time that he was ever barred from Austin's Soul Sea.

Meanwhile, the spiritual tree in Austin's Soul Sea had grown up to two thousand meters high, into a towering tree.

Its ability to conceal and protect itself and Austin's spiritual soul rendered Austin's Soul Sea undetectable even by a broken immortal as Kevin himself.

Surely, if Master Kevin chose to force his way into Austin's Soul Sea, it was still possible for him to sense the latter's spiritual sense.

And if that would happen, it would definitely severely damage Austin's Soul Sea and spiritual soul.

So, recognizably, Master Kevin wouldn't opt to do that.

'It's getting more and more difficult to see through him. This kid is terrifyingly improving, '

Master Kevin sighed in his mind.

"Okay, everyone. What is going to happen next is the most important thing!"

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