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   Chapter 2362 Madly Enhance The Spiritual Sense

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Austin was in the secret chamber that contained ten times the normal amount of spiritual sense pressure.


The overwhelming spiritual sense in the chamber vibrated and constantly pushed against Austin's Soul Sea.

'Hold on!'

Austin roared in his mind.

A burst of tremendous spiritual sense rushed out of his head like a tsunami, blocking the terrible spiritual sense pressure.

In the beginning, Austin's spiritual sense constantly faced defeat and retreated to his Soul Sea.

And every single time, the tenfold spiritual sense pressure also followed and rushed into his Soul Sea to attack his spiritual soul.

However, his spiritual tree managed to keep the pressure at bay, rattling and whipping its branches all over the sky as it expelled the pressure in the Soul Sea.

As time went by, Austin's spiritual sense grew stronger and stronger.

About eight days had passed since Austin had arrived at the tower.

When he assessed his spiritual sense, he was surprised to find that its power was at the same level as the spiritual sense pressure in the chamber. This meant that his spiritual sense was now ten times as strong as before!

'Okay, now I'll move to a superior secret room to cultivate my spiritual sense more!

This time, I will choose a chamber with 30 times the normal amount of spiritual sense pressure!'

Austin was a martial arts maniac. With the help of his spiritual tree, he was ready to take on a challenge with a higher level of difficulty.

This Immortal Cultivation Tower was a legacy from ancient times.

According to what Kevin had told him, the Immortal Cultivation Tower had once been regarded as a sacred place for only the most talented and elite warriors. It had been an unbelievably exclusive place to cultivate.

In fact, the highest amount of spiritual sense pressure in the Immortal Cultivation Tower was two hundred times that of the omnipresent spiritual sense pressure.

With his spiritual sense, Austin found a secret cultivation room with thirty times the normal amount of spiritual sense pressure in the map of the jade slip, and gently tapped it.


The next moment, Austin found himself in another small room.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

As soon as Austin appeared in the room, the terrible spiritual sense pressure in the room rushed to him like a huge mountain, throwing him against the wall.

As Austin collided against the wall, he felt his head spin, and everything in his sight seemed to be whirling around.

His entire Soul Sea was trembling violently under the attack of the spiritual sense pressure in this chamber, which had forcefully broken into his Soul Sea like the roaring sea.

'No! I must fight back!'

Making up his mind, Austin forced himself to sit down even though his body was shaking violently.

He exerted his full strength to fight back using the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea.


The spiritual tree in his Soul Sea, which stood at a height of more than 500 meters, was frantically waving its branches around.

Thousands of bright green leaves fell off the tree and surged forward like locusts as they struggled to resist the spiritual sense pressure from the outside.

The branches and the small roots of the spiritual tree also surged forward, sparing no effort. They were in the full attack mode.

The first t

Cultivation Tower is two hundred times as much as ordinary spiritual sense pressure!

Right now, I can only fight against one hundred times the normal pressure of spiritual sense.

It would be great if I could continue to cultivate, but I've run out of wealth and resources, '

Austin thought to himself.

He didn't want to let go of such a good opportunity to cultivate his spiritual sense.

'How about I ask Elder Kevin to lend me some resources?'

Austin thought.

Without delay, he immediately used the jade slip to communicate with Elder Kevin.

'Austin wants to borrow some more cultivation resources?'

When Kevin, who was outside the Immortal Cultivation Tower, received Austin's message, he was stunned.

'Well, since Austin is such a promising young man, I should support him.'

Elder Kevin decided.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he sent a Space Ring to the Immortal Cultivation Tower, and soon, it appeared in front of Austin.

Austin took the Space Ring and checked it with his spiritual sense. He couldn't help but feel overjoyed with what he found inside.

Kevin had been very generous with the resources he had lent him; there were a great number of treasures in this Space Ring.

With the help of these resources, Austin went on cultivating his spiritual sense in the Cultivation Tower.

Although he encountered many dangers in the process, the spiritual tree was always protecting him.

One out of the three months had passed.

In a secret room with two hundred times the amount of normal spiritual sense pressure, Austin was going wild with joy.

'The spiritual tree in my Soul Sea is now two thousand meters tall!'

Now, Austin could easily withstand the spiritual sense pressure in this secret chamber.

His whole head was glowing with brilliant radiance, which happened whenever his spiritual sense grew stronger.

Every time Austin really focused on something, waves visible to the naked eye would rush out of his head.

This was because his strong spiritual sense was now dense enough to turn into liquid!

'Could it be that my spiritual sense is stronger than that of all the cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm now?'

Austin thought proudly to himself.

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