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   Chapter 2358 The Development Of Flame Holy Land

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The three had intended to leave with Austin, but Austin finally managed to persuade them to stay in Immortal End School and focus on their cultivation.

After all, Immortal End School had a few old masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm who could skillfully guide students in cultivation. It was a rare chance for the three to receive such teaching and guidance.

More importantly, the school had a quiet environment that was ideal for cultivation.

If they tagged along with Austin, they definitely wouldn't be able to find such a quiet environment to cultivate in.

As for Ivy and Sue, Austin had planned to let them stay in Immortal End School with Caroline.

However, the two sisters were determined to return to the headquarters of Flame Holy Land and cultivate there.

After all, Mike was there now.

Since they hadn't seen Mike for a long time, they missed him very much.

In the end, Austin agreed to take them back to the East Mainland.

When Austin was leaving Immortal End School, the vice dean of the school ran out to see him off.

Without thinking, he told Austin that the school's senior leaders had ordered the elders and the stewards of the school to focus on protecting Caroline, Violet, and the gnome.

After all, the senior leaders of Immortal End School were Elder Kevin's subordinates, and Austin was the young man whom Elder Kevin valued the most now.

In other words, Austin was now a part of the trust circle.

Therefore, after the incident with Giovanni, the senior leaders of the Immortal End School had decided to focus on protecting the three of them.

Austin was naturally happy to hear about the way things were going, and he relayed this to the deputy director. He had no doubt that Caroline, Violet, and the gnome would be safe in Immortal End School.

After leaving the school, Austin decided to head back to the Divine Continent first and take Ivy and Sue to the headquarters of Flame Holy Land.

Now, Austin could fly freely across the different worlds of Immortal End World.

In the span of just a day, he crossed several worlds and finally reached the Divine Continent.

As the chief of the Divine Continent, Austin could teleport to any corner of the continent in less than a second.

So, with just a few steps, Austin easily arri

Martial World were far weaker than those of the Divine Continent, so they had all chosen to come to the East Mainland for cultivation.

Besides, the spatial passageway in the Black-wind Beast World would never be closed again, so they could come and go any time they wanted.

As for Prime Martial World, it was completely under the control of the Flame Holy Land.

On top of Mr. Fang, Flame Holy Land now had three new great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm. If the three other reclusive elders who were traveling to the ancient city also made a breakthrough, Flame Holy Land would have seven great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm in total.

As such, Austin was comfortable with the strength of the Flame Holy Land and the Prime Martial World.

Now, he took out a large number of cultivation resources and handed them to Elder Sharp to add to the reserve of the Flame Holy Land.

This batch of resources made up almost half of Austin's total wealth, and both the quantity and value were astonishing.

Austin had obtained these resources from the headquarters of the large sects which had colluded with the evil forces.

With such a big number of cultivation resources as well as the strength of several reclusive elders at the Immortal Transforming Realm in the near future, the Flame Holy Land could be regarded as a top-level force the in Immortal End World.

A day later, Austin received a message from Elder Kevin. He bade goodbye to everyone and left the East Mainland for the Vermilion World.

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