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   Chapter 2355 The Strength Of Ivy And Sue

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6314

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In the cultivation chamber of the ninth floor of the Slave Tower, Austin, Caroline, and Brady stepped in at the same time.

There was a grand Buddhist world in the chamber.

Ivy and Sue were sitting in an ancient temple in the Buddhist world.

Their bodies were glowing with dazzling Buddhist light.

Behind each of them was a huge golden Buddha that stood more than a hundred thousand feet and emitted a kind of magical power that was mighty and boundless.

Beautiful lotus flower petals were floating in the air, making a dreamy, marvelous scene.

Austin could tell from Ivy and Sue's breathing that they were about to wake up from the meditation.

"I wonder what kind of Buddhist heritage skill would Ivy and Sue get this time,"

Austin murmured.

Buddhism was a different cultivation system from others and carried a great deal of power.

The monks, especially those who had gotten the Buddhist enlightenment, had the combat power much stronger than that of the ordinary immortal kings.

Ivy and Sue were born with the rare Crystal Buddha Body. And now they had obtained some kind of Buddhist inheritance.

Austin could not help feeling excited. He could not wait to see how strong Ivy and Sue would be now.

About half an hour later, Brady murmured, "They seem to be waking up."

Brady was the guardian spirit of the Slave Tower, so he could sense everything that was happening in it.

Austin looked into the Buddhist world.

Ivy and Sue were still sitting on the ground, but their eyelashes slightly fluttered.

They let out a small sound.

Then, they opened their eyes at the same time.

They looked around with a confused look.

They had been meditating in the Buddhist world for a long time to understand the Buddhist inheritance, so they were a little disoriented.

Soon, their gaze fell on Austin.

The last time they saw him, Austin was

base was quite weak before.

Austin often worried about them.

But now, they had reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm. They were even stronger than Caroline. They were strong cultivators now.

Of course Austin was very happy.

Austin and his three beloved women had not seen each other for a long time.

The four of them went into Caroline's cultivation cave and began chatting. They had a lot to catch up on.

Then, three figures appeared outside the Immortal End School.

The leader was an old man clad in black.

He stood still while his clothes flew in the air.

Two people followed behind him.

One was a young man in a white called Giovanni.

The other was an old man who had reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm. His name was Hamza.

The elder in black was called Cathal.

He, together with Giovanni and Hamza, swaggered into the Immortal End School.

"Cathal, it's you.

What brings you here?"

Then, a tall, strong-looking old man appeared, greeting Cathal with a knowing smile.


Cathal answered.

The tall, strong-looking old man was the vice dean of the Immortal End School.

He was a well-known master of the Immortal Transforming Realm in the Immortal End World, so Cathal did not want to offend him.

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