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   Chapter 2354 Made A Great Fortune

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Austin simply smiled lightly as Giovanni shot him with venomous eyes.

Even if the powerful great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm threatened to come for him, Austin would remain undaunted. Naturally, the young master's threats felt laughable for him.

Austin just didn't want to be associated to him as his enemy. It would be shameful to have him as an adversary.

It was akin to an adult who laughed off a child's provocation.

The other disciples on the hillside felt intimidated when they saw Austin break Hamza's right arm in just a single strike.

They had already run after them as soon as they saw Giovanni and Hamza left.

Austin, Violet, Caroline, and the gnome were the only people left on the hillside.

"Master, I heard Dean Sandro say that the demon's giant hand captured you and took you to the Evil Abyss World.

How did you escape?

Tell us and spare no details!"

Violet wrapped her arm around Austin, eager to know what happened while he was away.

"What the hell happened, boy?

From what I've heard, the Evil Abyss World is the home of the foreign evil demons. Escaping them surely wasn't easy!"

the gnome asked curiously.

"Let's find a place to talk about it,"

Austin suggested.

"Let's go to my place."

Caroline's voice all affectionate and cheerful as her hand lightly grazed Austin's arm.

Austin nodded.

Using their bodily movement skills, they all went to Caroline's place.

The interior of the Immortal End School was littered with vast and breathtaking mountains, blanketed with towering trees akin to the prehistoric times.

Students were allowed to stay in these mountains whenever they pleased and opened up their own caves.

Naturally, to keep their students safe, the college arranged all kinds of powerful protective array and defense array for the students' caves. They also provided all kinds of high-grade crystals to help them decorate to their liking.

In a nutshell, the best treatment was bestowed for all the students of the Immortal End School.

They were treated and trained as the most important talents in the whole Immortal End World.

Caroline appreciated the tranquil environment, so she chose to open her own cave in a remote valley deep in the mountains.

For their own convenience, Violet and the gnome also opened a cave nearby, so they could easily check up on each other if anything went awry.

The four of them went to Caroline's cave.

As they settled in the cave, Austin rehashed the incidents that took place while he was gone. He told them how he was taken away by the evil hand at the Blue Dragon School and everything happened after that.

Caroline, Violet and the gnome could be considered as Austin's most loyal partners.

Of course, Austin trusted them fully and he hid no secrets from them.

"Master, you w

only took one punch to break his right arm.

Who on earth is this young man?"

an old man exclaimed in disbelief. He was in the study, wearing a black robe.

"What's his name?"

After giving it some thought, the old man asked further.

"He didn't mention who he was, but there's a possibility that he's from the Divine Continent.

However, that world is small compared to the others. What can a person from the small world do?"

Giovanni contemplated, his energy full of resentment as he thought of Austin.

"The Divine Continent, huh?

Could it a mere coincidence?"

the old man murmured.

"Well, regardless of where he came from, he hurt a member of the Xue Clan anyway.

We will not let this person trample our good name. I'll go and see him personally,"

the old man promised.

"Great! We can't let that person go unscathed.

Humph! I want him dead!"

Giovanni was overjoyed to hear that this old man was going to help him exact revenge.

After all, this elder was a powerful great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm. If anyone could take down that arrogant guy, it was definitely him.

Once a powerful great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm appeared, no matter how strong or formidable his opponent was, he would eventually come to a miserable end.

As he thought of this, Giovanni felt the anger he held deep in his chest.

Three days later, Austin and Caroline snuggled and held each other close as they settled on the peak of the mountain.

"Master, it seems that Ivy and Sue are about to wake up from their meditation."

All of a sudden, Austin received a message from Brady through his Soul Sea.


That's great!"

Austin exclaimed, visibly overjoyed.

"Caroline, come with me into the Slave Tower!"

As he said so, he wrapped his arm around her slender waist and teleported themselves into the Slave Tower.

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