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   Chapter 2353 Confrontation

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Austin's movements were very agile which made it hard for anyone to notice him. In an instant, he was immediately at Caroline's side.

"Caroline, you're not dreaming. It's me," he said, as he ran his fingers along her milky locks. He felt heartbroken about her situation.

"I'm sorry that you have been through so much."

Austin soothed, his voice full of tenderness as he held her closely.

"It's okay. Now that you're back unharmed, I yearn for nothing," Caroline responded.

She believed that she wasn't in a dream.

Delighted with Austin's presence, a genuine smile appearing on her face. She nestled in his arms, content with the comfort it gave.

When Caroline interacted with other people, she seemed cold and distant. But now, she acted soft and passionate.

As she snuggled in Austin's chest, she felt the heat of his skin. In that moment in time, it felt like all her worries and sorrows after she learned about Austin's kidnapping dissipated.

Her beautiful eyes welled up with tears of joy.

As soon as she realized Austin was there, Violet rushed over to him like a little girl.

"Master, I'm glad that you are finally out of harm's way!

I knew you would get through that," she gushed.

"Humph! You care more about your girlfriend than your friends," the gnome whined.

He felt a bit upset when Austin didn't attend to him first.

Still, the four of them were just thrilled that they were reunited.

As they celebrated seeing each other once again, they ignored all the other people around them.

Watching Caroline threw herself at a stranger and acted that way

made Giovanni extremely displeased.

Caroline had always been apathetic when she was around him.

It made him even more frustrated considering that he held this meeting for the sole purpose of winning Caroline's affection.

Giovanni had already acknowledged her as his girlfriend. Even if he had a hard time in making her soften towards him, he still had plans on coercing her to be his.

But now, a strange man had appeared out of nowhere. He even had the audacity to hug Caroline in public.

This was an absolute blow to his ego!

"Hamza, I want this brat dead!"

Giovanni relayed his message to the elder using his spiritual sense.

"Don't worry, young master. I won't let him go."


Giovanni asked after collecting himself from being shell-shocked.

"Son of a bitch! How dare you hurt the people of Xue Clan? You are dead meat.

There is no escape for you as long as you're in the Immortal End World. We will hunt you down,"

Giovanni roared angrily.

"Fuck off if you don't want to die.

Otherwise, I will take you down myself,"

Austin threatened flatly, looking straight at Giovanni's eyes.

Meeting Austin's gaze, Giovanni felt his heart miss a beat.

In just a single glance, he sensed the strong intention to kill Austin.

'He is serious about his words. He even has the balls to think about taking my life, ' Giovanni thought, feeling both stunned and intimidated.

His father was the chief of the Xue Clan. He couldn't believe that anyone had the impudence to talk to him this way.

"Let's go, Mr. Giovanni," Hamza said to Giovanni.

With a flurry of emotions, he shot one quick look in Austin's direction.


Giovanni was dazed.

"Young master, this man's physical strength is very terrifying.

If I continue to fight him, I will lose.

Let's get out of here first. We can exact our revenge on him on another day,"

Hamza advised through his spiritual sense.


Giovanni eventually gave in. Although he didn't want to leave like this, he had no other choice. After all, there was a good chance that Hamza might lose in Austin's hands.

"Watch me, brat,"

Giovanni hissed towards Austin.

As he said so, he and Hamza soared into the sky and flew away.

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