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   Chapter 2352 Austin's Appearance

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Giovanni was the young master of the Xue Clan. He also had a very noble social status.

From an early age, ever since he was a little child, the old man at the premium stage of Heavenly Grotto Realm had protected him closely.

Even after entering the Immortal End School, the old man still followed his progress secretly and keenly.

The senior leaders of the Immortal End School were well aware of what was happening and how the old man kept a close eye on his performance.

However, the Xue Clan had some influence in this area. What was more, the Mystic World where the Immortal End School was located was also within the Xue Clan's influence so no one wanted to get into trouble. Everyone therefore turned a blind eye to what was happening and pretended not to see anything.

"Caroline, I would never give up on the woman that I love," Giovanni said as he walked closer to Caroline.

Giovanni looked very determined and there was a hint of threat in his tone, making him sound very powerful.

He had been coddled since he was a child, and he always got whatever he wanted. He was therefore very aggressive whenever he interacted with his peers and had always been domineering.

"Stay away from me! I am not very comfortable with you occupying my personal space this much."

With her brows wrinkled, Caroline moved back swiftly.

"Hey, how can you be so rude? Didn't I make it clear to you last time that Caroline is my master's woman or are you hard of hearing?

Just leave her alone and go find someone else to harass!"

Violet shouted angrily, while scowling at Giovanni who was slowly approaching her.

"Humph! No one is allowed to get close to the woman that Mr. Giovanni favors and has had his eyes on her for a while.

I don't care who your master is. Go back and tell him that if he doesn't want to die, he should stay away from this girl from now on,"

the old man at the premium stage of Heavenly Grotto Realm said coldly.

Giovanni and the old man combined were very powerful individuals. Based on their actions it seemed as if they were going to force Caroline into submission in public.

"Why are you two so shameless? Don't you have other things to do with your time?

The girls have told you to get out of here. How can you have the nerve to mess around everyone here?

You're such perverts forcing the hand of someone who is not interested in you!"

The gnome's anger flared up.

"Humph! I am telling you this. You're both digging your own graves

As I said, and I will say again. None of you here is qualified to command our young master to do anything, leave alon

olet, and the gnome, blocking their way like a ghost.


Suddenly an extremely horrifying vital energy force pressure came toward the three people. It came with such force that it felt as if a mountain had collapsed on them and a tsunami was also attacking them.

All of a sudden, the three of them felt themselves entrapped into a swamp and could not move their bodies freely.

"You stupid cockroaches, I'll teach you a lesson today!"

the old man snapped.

Seeing the old man launch an attack, Giovanni try didn't stop him. He was enjoying himself too much.

A mocking smile crept up to his lips.

The three people, Caroline, Violet and the gnome, looked ghastly pale.

The old man was too powerful.

The three were no match for him and it was difficult for them to fight back.

The old man raised a palm and slapped the gnome on his face.

"Old bastard, who do you think you are? How dare you try to teach others a lesson?

If you don't want to die, leave them and get out of here immediately!"

Suddenly, a calm voice sounded.

Hearing this, everyone on the hillside was startled. They immediately looked around to see who was so bold to oppose the old man.

The old man especially, was livid. He was completely irritated that someone would dare to interrupt him.

Then, to everyone's surprise, a young man appeared in the void over the peak. He made his way to the location where the three were.


Caroline, Violet, and the gnome exclaimed at the same time.

They stared at the young man in surprise and joy.

"Master, you are back!"

"Austin, is it really you?

Maybe I am dreaming since I have been thinking a lot about you of late?"

"Am I seeing a ghost?"

All three were shocked.

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