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   Chapter 2350 The Immortal End School

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By this time, a total of ten Protectors who had betrayed the Immortal End World, had now allowed the ten worlds to be controlled by the foreign evil beasts.

After the Protectors on the ten worlds were beheaded and killed, all the ten original energy essence of the continent began to merge into one with Austin's original energy essence.

Therefore, Austin had officially become the master of eleven continents by default!

Now in the Immortal End World, Austin could come and go freely the way he wanted. He had the ability to quickly cross into various worlds. Moreover, his perception and sensibility had also significantly improved and were also amazing.

His spiritual sense now covered almost the whole Immortal End World.

Since this was the first time for Austin to have such an ability where he could freely cross different worlds, he decided to immediately try it.

"The Immortal End World suffered a great loss this time..."

At this time, Austin wandered aimlessly across the various worlds of the Immortal End World. He released his spiritual sense to feel the ten continents that had just experienced a great disaster. He could not help but frown and feel depressed.

Of all the ten continents, only the Divine Continent had suffered little damage.

It was because, before the evil array at the Divine Continent could be set up successfully, Austin had arrived first and stopped it.

The other nine continents were occupied and controlled by the foreign evil beasts before Austin came to their rescue.

Countless creatures on the nine continents had been slaughtered.

There were billions of creatures on the nine continents that died in the disaster.

In other words, all the sects which were unwilling to surrender to the foreign evil beasts on the nine continents had been subjected to destruction and slaughtering.

At this time, Master Kevin and the great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm were taking care of the aftermath on the nine worlds.

"It seems that the Mystic World is ahead of us. The Immortal End School seems to be located in the Mystic World,"

Austin murmured. He was in a star cluster and looking at the huge continent ahead of him.

He was also aware that Caroline, Violet and the gnome were all in the Immortal End School.

"Okay, let me go and meet them, I have really missed them,"

Austin said to himself.

A lot of things had happened a while ago that made Austin unable to do so.

In fact, Austin had always wanted to go to the Immortal End School just to have a look and see

ation was related to Master Kevin's greater plan.

As for these students of the Immortal End School, they were publicly selected from the whole Immortal End World. So, they all felt honored.

The scenery of the school was infinite. There was a tall mountain in the Immortal End School.

On the hillside stood a wide and flat hillside that could accommodate thousands of people.

The birds were singing, which made the place even more tranquil. The mountain was secluded, quiet and surrounded by thin smoke. The green trees were intertwined with the ivy leaves. The murmuring stream flowed over pebbles that bypassed the old trees.

The fish were so used to people crossing over the stream that they were not frightened by people and there were superior herbs of advanced level planted everywhere.

From the first to the fifth grade, the superior herbs were planted everywhere in plain view.

In the campus of the Immortal End School, the students could pick up superior herbs from the first grade to the fifth grade at any time whenever they needed them.

And there was no limit on the number.

With just this single bit of information, anyone could tell how many cultivation resources the Immortal End School provided to the students!

At that time, a large group of young people were gathered on the hillside.

On the grassland of the hillside, there were tables carved with white jade and crystal stones. People sat everywhere surrounding the low table on the ground, which was quite interesting.

One of the women was very eye-catching. She was standing in a graceful manner with her purple dress fluttering through the wind.

However, the woman's hair was all white.

White hair!

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