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   Chapter 2349 The Plunder

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While Elder Kevin and Zenith went to chase the Black Evil Lord, the others rushed into the Tune World.

"Those who conspired with the evil force shall be killed with no mercy!"

Six to seven hundred great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm were filled with murderous intent.

A grand cleansing spread all throughout the entire Tune World.

Six to seven hundred great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm was a terrifying force to battle with.

It was a great wave of supernatural power and strength. As they moved in together, the entire Tune World was soon under their control.

Major sects such as the Wang Clan, the Almighty Sect and the Ancient Immortal Sect who had thrown themselves into the evil force, were annihilated.

No one was spared as they killed every member of these sects.

For the past two days, the major forces that conspired with the evil force such as the Wang Clan, the Almighty Sect, and the Ancient Immortal Sect, commanded the other forces in the Tune World to accept the ruling of evil force and killed countless people who refused to obey.

Every member of these forces, from the grandmaster to the cultivators were considered traitors and had committed a heinous sin against the Tune World.


Austin's eyes blazed with anger and murderous intent.

"How did this happen?"

Until now, he was not willing to accept the reality. His plan failed, and he was now frightened and scared for his life. He would not dare fight to Austin, so he turned around and fled.

But now, Austin was the owner of the Tune World. There was no escape from him and no forgiveness.

Austin waved his hand.

Right away, a turbulent energy formed into a thick energy wall that prevented Fabian from escaping

Austin took a step and he made it in front of Fabian in an instant.

"Humph! You shameless traitor! You are doomed!"

Austin glared at him with a strong intention to kill him.

He then stretched out his right hand and held it in the air as if squeezing something invisible.

In an instant, the energy around Fabian pressed towards him, crushing his body on all sides.

He had lost the original energy essence from the continent of the Tune World. Now, confronted by Austin, he was only a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. He had lost all ability to fight back.

"Austin, you can't kill me!

My master is a strong warrior from the Evil Abyss World. If you kill me, he will kill you and a

an and headed towards the headquarters of the Almighty Sect.

Austin had already accumulated several treasures from the Almighty Sect, the Ancient Immoral Sect and several other major sects.

Adding the treasures he took from the Unworldly Sect in the Divine Continent, he was by now  incredibly wealthy.

Austin estimated that even the most powerful sect in the entire Immortal End World owned less treasure than he did.

"Austin, the Black Evil Lord had been restrained."

Half a day later, Austin heard a voice message from Elder Kevin.

"Okay, I will be there soon,"

Austin answered. He then stepped out and went to the boundless heaven land outside the Tune World.

"You old man, my real body will not let you get away with this!

I will kill you!"

the Black Evil Lord shouted angrily. He was suppressed by Zenith and Elder Kevin and could not move at all.

"Fuck! How dare you!"

Austin controlled the demonic avatar with his mind and commanded it to attack him with the Diabolic Killing Needle.

The demonic avatar took action right away  and used the Diabolic Killing Needle to swallow the Black Evil Lord.

However, he was just an avatar of the Black Evil Lord, and his real body was still in the Evil Abyss World.

By now, the Tune World had been reclaimed and restored to its former glory.

Elder Kevin then led the others to the remaining  eight worlds that were being controlled by evil force.

With the experience of the Tune World, it was easy to reclaim the other eight worlds.

Two days later, they had reclaimed all the lost worlds.

The crisis in the Immortal End World was over at last.

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