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   Chapter 2346 The Turning Point

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"It's all my fault. I was too impatient.

I thought these forty-four Protectors wouldn't act even if they had some other plans.

After all, the original energy essence of these forty-four continents of the current Immortal End World belong the same original energy essence of the ancient Immortal End Continent.

If any of the forty-four young Protectors considered betraying the Immortal End World, they would find it impossible to refine the original energy essence of their continent.

But, I failed to consider that the evil force would prepare thoroughly by sending so many powerful avatars!

These ten mighty avatars could have used powerful skills to help the ten Protectors who betrayed the Immortal End World to refine the original energy essence of their continent,"

Elder Kevin apologized to Austin.

After recent incidents, Elder Kevin had grown to admire Austin.

"Sir, why does the original energy essence have to be refined by young people?

Wouldn't it be better if powerful great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm refined the original energy essence of the continents?"

Austin asked.

"Well, there is something that you don't know.

Young men are full of vigor and vitality.

Moreover, a young man has the potential for further development.

The laws of heaven and earth had not completely formed when the Immortal End Continent was destroyed in ancient times.

The Immortal End Continent has continued to age and deteriorate ever since.

In the future, the spiritual energy of the Immortal End World will be scarce, and the laws of heaven and earth will be further reduced.

When that time arrives, it will become a dead and desolate world that is no longer suitable for cultivation.

This is why young talented people must refine the original energy essence.

The vitality of these young men is what continues to revive the Immortal End Continent.

With the continuous improvement of the strength of this group of young people, the Immortal End Continent has a chance to be reborn and become a prosperous world,"

Elder Kevin explained to Austin.

'No wonder the young men are needed to refine the original energy essence.'

Austin, along with Anderson and the others, were enlightened.

They finally understood why Elder Kevin had spent so much time and effort to select the most

t the monk in anticipation.

"Although the nine continents have merged with the evil array, they are still a part of the Immortal End Continent. As such, on a subconscious level, their instinct is to repel the evil aura.

If we can awaken the will of the original energy essence of those nine continents, they will begin to reject the evil array.

Then, we can seize the opportunity to enter the nine continents by force,"

the monk laid out his strategy.

"That's right.

Your strategy does make sense."

As Elder Kevin was the immortal king, who had a deep understanding of various rules, he knew the suggestion was feasible the second he heard it from the monk.

"It is important to remember that nine traitors refined the original energy essence of the nine continents.

In this case, what can I do to wake the original energy essence of these nine continents?"

Elder Kevin asked.

"You must remember that Austin refined the original energy essence of the continent that formed the main body of the erstwhile Immortal End Continent's will.

What's more, we still control thirty-five of the original energy essences from the forty-four in the Immortal End World.

If we summon the nine original energy essences with the joint force of the thirty-five original energy essences, it will surely work."

The monk grinned as he explained. He appeared to be quite sure of himself.

"That does seem plausible.

My thoughts are a mess.

Why didn't I think of that?

You are right!

Let's do it right now!"

Elder Kevin was thrilled.

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