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   Chapter 2345 The Destruction Of The Evil Force

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Even though the four sects tried to put up a fight, it only took half a day for Austin to completely destroy them.

The main reason they didn't stood a chance was that Austin was now the master of this continent and could borrow the energy of this world with no limits.

It would be so easy for Austin to beat a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Austin focused for a moment and released his spiritual sense.

He discovered that the fierce battle between Elder Kevin and the evil creature still continued with no clear winner in sight.

But more importantly, they left the ground to soar in the vast sky region and fight hard enough to part the clouds.

Elder Kevin wasn't the only one fighting the evil creature as Anderson and other great Master at the Immortal Transforming Realm couldn't just stand aside, so they joined the fight and attacked the evil creature from time to time.

With just one step, Austin strode forward and reached the depths of the sky in a snap.

It was a field where countless stars and meteor stones of various sizes were gathered and scattered all over the place.

And now it was the stage of the fiercest battle the region had ever seen.

Immense force surged out and it was powerful enough to make the universe tremble. Each violent collision left the stars as dust in its wake.

All the while, Austin looked down at the void that continued to explode, the aura of chaos surging with every bang. It was truly horrible and almost unbearable.

It took the joint attack of Elder Kevin and seven or eight powerful great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm for the evil creature to finally be beaten and suppressed.

But even with their best effort, the evil creature was still hard to fight against because of all kinds of weird and evil skills he practiced.

Because it was an evil creature, it was born with strong vitality and was difficult to kill even with all their skills.


Elder Kevin clenched his fist as he chased after the evil creature and with a flick of his wrist, he punched forward.

The entire fist shone with dazzling light just like jade and although it was a simple move, it held various law powers.

This one move was fused with the immortal secret skill.

Stars twinkled and parted as he made his move. The space between his fists glittered with starlight.

The entire situation was a shock!


The fists slammed on to the evil creature and despite being tall and strong, it was blasted into pieces that exploded again into fine blood mist.

It wasn't just the body that was pulverized; the spiritual soul was also blown to pieces

arkled brightly in the dead sky.

The evil creature's escape path was immediately blocked.

And that was when the Diabolic Killing Needle slammed into the pitch black flesh and bone. Strong suction came from the needle and began to pull in the pitch black flesh and bone.

The Diabolic Killing Needle seemed to have turned into a black hole that forcibly tugged at the demon's broken flesh.

"Damn it! How could our holy weapon fall in the hands of a human brat?

Just you wait! We'll march into the Immortal End World again soon!

Let's see how your Immortal End World resist us!

The Immortal End World is doomed to fall!"

the evil creature spat out in anger before he was completely absorbed.

There was silence as finally, the body and spiritual soul of the evil creature were absorbed by the Diabolic Killing Needle.

It was a sign of power that a powerful evil creature like him could also be absorbed by the Diabolic Killing Needle.

There was a pause and then...

"The Diabolic Killing Needle's and the demonic avatar's strength seems to have increased a lot!"

Austin was pleasantly surprised at the result.

The crisis of the Divine Continent was finally resolved.

However, no one could celebrate that it was over.

On the contrary, they all felt heavy and haunted.

Nine of the forty-four continents in the Immortal End World were now in the clutches of the evil creatures.

Great changes were taking place in those places.

Everything that could be considered alive would be in great danger.

Whether the creatures in the Immortal End World surrendered or not wouldn't matter because there was bound to be complete massacres in those nine continents.

Being bloodthirsty was in the nature of these evil creatures.

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